How to Properly Use Hand Sanitizer Poster

Hand hygiene practices within the workplace are essential to limiting the spread of illness within your facilities.

Because going to the washroom just to wash your hands with soap is not always practical, hand sanitizers have become a necessity. However, just like in the case of washing with soap and water, the effectiveness of hand sanitizers at removing germs depends on proper use. This makes easy access and proper signage essential.

Along with hand sanitizer dispenser stations, our ‘how to’ hand sanitizer posters can be displayed to ensure those using your hygiene facilities are doing so in the most optimal way and regularly throughout the day. With clear hand sanitizing guidance, employees and visitors can take good care in ensuring they’re utilizing the most effective methods to help prevent infection.

Why Good Hand Hygiene in the Workplace is Essential

Picture this, computer desks, keyboards and mice have around 7,500 bacteria living on their surfaces and employees will come into contact with these surfaces multiple times each day. In order to reduce the risk of cross contamination through touch it is vital employees practice excellent hygiene at all times to ensure the germs they touch is killed immediately. The best method to do so is by effectively cleaning hands with the correct methods.

During the current COVID-19 climate many employees will feel particularly anxious about entering the workplace. However, with effective hand hygiene protocols and stations in place, you can build a sense of trust within your organization making all who come and go feel at ease.

How to Properly Use Hand Sanitizer – Step by Step

Hand sanitizers work by applying to the skin directly and the process should last for 15-30 seconds.  Following these steps ensures you apply the sanitizer properly to cover the entire surface of your hands.

  1. Apply one measure of hand sanitizer into cupped hand
  2. Rub your hands palm-to-palm including wrists
  3. Rub the palm of one hand over the back of the other and vice versa
  4. Rub palm-to-palm with linked fingers
  5. Run back of fingers to opposing palms
  6. Rub each finger clasped in the opposite hand

You can download Citron Hygiene’s free poster linked below with more detailed instructions and images for each step.

Display How to Use Hand Sanitizer Signs in Your Business

Citron’s how to use hand sanitizer properly poster can be displayed around your organization, accompanying hand sanitizer dispensers, so people are encouraged to utilize the hand sanitizer in the correct way. This hand sanitizer poster should be displayed alongside any location where you may supply sanitizer including behind washroom cubicle doors to meeting rooms, stairwells, entrance and exit points, kitchens and any other communal spaces.

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