Forced Child Labour Policy

Our Business and Supply Chain

Citron Hygiene (“Citron Hygiene” or the “Company”) Citron Hygiene is a leading provider of facility support services for commercial and industrial facilities. We provide washroom hygiene services and products that help building owners and managers address the complex biological, environmental, and occupational risks common in today’s facilities.


Citron Hygiene acknowledges that forced child labour (which denotes serious forms of exploitation such as human trafficking, and other slavery-like practices including debt-bondage) is a risk globally, including in developed and emerging markets. Like all companies and consumers, the Company faces the risk of involvement in forced child labour in our supply chains, particularly because it is possible certain suppliers may operate in countries where child labour may occur.

As part of our wider commitment to promoting ethical business and employee welfare, as well as our ongoing obligations to comply with all applicable laws relating to child labour in all jurisdictions in which we operate, Citron Hygiene strives to ensure that child labour is not taking place in our supply chains and business operations. Respect for human rights is consistent with our values and drives the way we work. Citron Hygiene will not knowingly engage in child labour or partner with any supplier who engages in these practices.