Virtual Washroom

Virtual Washroom

Explore our Virtual Washroom to see how our solutions can elevate your washroom experience

How to use the Virtual Washroom:

  • If you're viewing in mobile - Click Here
  • Double-click to enter full-screen mode. Zoom in & out using the mouse wheel.
  • Navigate through the washroom by touching and dragging your finger to look through the washroom (mobile/tablet), or left click and drag (desktop).
  • Click on Citron Hygiene products within the washroom.
  • Each product will have 2 icons. (Some products have a 3rd icon which features a short product video)
    • 1st icon – Product Information
    • 2nd icon – Product Gallery Carousel
  • Tap the “Green Circles” on the washroom floors to travel back and forth within the washroom.
  • Citron Hygiene products are installed around the washroom to give you a better representation and visual of the product showing how it would appear in real life

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