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Boost your washroom's hygiene standards with Citron Hygiene's hand dryers and paper towel dispensers.

Wet hands can harbor and distribute germs, but our sustainable restroom solutions can help keep them dry and reduce the spread of microbes. Ensure proper hand hygiene and promote a cleaner environment with our industrial energy-efficient hand dryers and eco-friendly paper towel dispensers. Let’s work together to enhance restroom cleanliness and keep moisture at bay.”


Give Good Hygiene A Hand

Give your public bathroom users a helping hand with the right products and facilities to support proper hand hygiene.

Meet Today’s New Hand Hygiene Standards

Equip your business with the right supplies and hand hygiene services that meet today’s elevated standards for public health and safety.

Create a Healthy Workspace

Create healthier and safer public spaces that support the wellbeing of everyone who washes their hands in your space.

Hand Hygiene Solutions For Bathroom

Commercial Hand Dryers For Washroom


Reliable | Stress-free | Expert care

For our full-service rental programs, you can be assured our Citron Hygiene Certified Technicians will take care of servicing your hand dryer and making the appropriate filter and bulb (if applicable) change so that your unit is maintained and functioning like new.

  • Choose a flexible service schedule
  • Rely on maintained and functioning units

Common Questions

Yes. Our hand drying solutions are environmentally friendly, producing up to 80% less CO2 than other hand dryers. The low running costs and low environmental impact of our dryers have been certified by the Carbon Trust. They are also approved and certified by Quiet Mark for the sound quality.

When choosing the right hand drying solution for your facility you need to look at all the options available to you and what your end user wants. 


Some hand drying solutions are better than others because they spread fewer bacteria and some paper towels are better than others because they are more absorbent.

According to research, bacteria is more likely to spread from wet hands than dry hands – which means that hand drying is as important as hand washing. 


Washing your hands may discourage the spread of germs, but if you’re not drying your hands properly, those germs may not be eliminated entirely.

Hand dryers with lower power will spread fewer germs and some of the most modern and well-designed ones, not only, spread fewer germs but they can even remove the bacteria in the air (see the Pebble+).

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