It’s Time to Elevate Your Washroom Experience

Deliver Period Dignity and Menstrual Hygiene Essentials

Stop Illnesses From Costing Your Businesses

Create Safe
With Our Range of
Hygiene Solutions

We’ve spent over 45 years earning the trust of the world’s most recognizable clients: one washroom at a time. We’re here to help brands and facilities managers with companies of all shapes and sizes meet a new standard for away-from-home washroom experiences.

From menstrual care, hand hygiene and more, we have the best technology and expertise to integrate safe and successful restroom services into your business.

It’s time to elevate your washroom experience!
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Why Choose Citron Hygiene?

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Create Safer Washrooms

Stop exposure to blood-borne pathogens and risk of cross-contamination.

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Save Hygiene Costs

Avoid costs from clogged toilets and increase efficiency with reliable, hassle-free service.

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Elevate Your Brand

Deliver sustainable and inclusive experiences that leave positive impressions.

Solutions for Your Hygiene Needs

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Join the growing movement to create healthier, safer and more inclusive restrooms today.


Find out how we can help elevate your washroom experience. Talk to us.

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