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Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Be Wise, Please Use Hand Sanitizer Signs

Good hand hygiene in the workplace can significantly help to reduce the risk of infection transmission within your facilities and the wider community. Along with hand sanitizer dispenser stations, our ‘be wise, sanitize’ hand sanitizer posters can be displayed to ensure those using your facilities are doing so in the most optimal way and regularly throughout the day. Employees and visitors can be prompted to take necessary action in preventing infection and stopping the spread.

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The Importance of Good Hand Hygiene in the Workplace

Employees come into contact with highly contaminated surface areas on a daily basis, including computer keyboards which on average home around 7,500 bacteria. Considering 80% of contagious diseases are transmitted by touch it’s clear why there’s such an emphasis put on hygiene and the importance of good hand hygiene within the workplace. Maintaining good hand hygiene within any environment is the ultimate key to health, hygiene, employee wellness and success.

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Encourage Good Practices with our Free Please Use Hand Sanitizer Signs

Citron’s hand sanitizer posters can be displayed around your organization, accompanying the hand sanitizer dispensers, so people are encouraged to utilize the dispensers in the correct way. Wherever hand hygiene is required, these hand sanitizer posters should be displayed, from exiting restrooms to meeting rooms, stairwells, entrance and exit points, kitchens and any other communal spaces.

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In addition to these posters, you can encourage proper routines by displaying our How to Use Hand Sanitizer Poster. Download your free ‘Please Use Hand Sanitizer,’ display posters by hitting the button below. 

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