Free Guide to Elevate Airport Hygiene

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Updated on October 19, 2022

On the Go Hygiene – A Free Guide to Airport Hygiene

Air transportation is a powerful driver of the United States’ economy, with pre-COVID passenger counts surpassing 778 million American passengers per year. The introduction of COVID-19 saw a massive reduction in visitors throughout U.S. airports, and as travel routines are now slowly beginning to return to normal, it is vital that airports continue to understand and invest in the safety of their employees and customers. 

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This is why Citron Hygiene have created a free guide to explore what important considerations your airport need to make when it comes to hygiene, and what measures can be implemented for safer travel for all.

Ideal for airport managers, HR managers and procurement managers, this guide covers important topics, including:

  • Airport germ hotspots
  • Hygiene challenges faced within the airline industry
  • The importance of hand hygiene and sanitizer dispenser locations for airports 
  • Top tips for airport hygiene 
  • A scorecard that you can use to assess your airports current hygiene and identify opportunities to enhance it 
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