Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Photography Studios

Updated on July 4, 2023

Photography studios are visited by people of all ages who want to have professional portraits taken to remember significant times in their lives, such as new babies, engagements, and to update a family portrait with their more grown-up children. To keep their employees and customers healthy and safe, these businesses need the right tools and products.

The photography industry is a large one, with an approximate worth of 10 billion dollars. There’s an estimated 9,559 photography businesses in Canada, a large proportion of which being studios. Many adults and children visit studios each day and do not just arrive looking their best; they also bring in any germs that may have been picked up along the way. As you may never know when your customers last had a chance to wash their hands, it is important to sanitize commonly touched surfaces, like door handles, credit card machines, and counter tops between appointments. It is especially important to disinfect studio props and backdrops too, as babies and small children often pose with them and love to explore new objects by putting them into their mouths. Keeping sanitizing wipes nearby will allow the photographer or parents to quickly wipe down an item before it can make someone sick. This constant cleaning may seem over the top, but viruses can spread to half of the common spaces in your establishment in just a few hours.

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As the clients vary as much as the portraits themselves, restrooms need to be ready to serve a large population. Most photography businesses are open for about 12 hours each day with appointments lasting 15-30 minutes, which can add up to almost 50 appointments in a day. A typical day could see an around 200 people depending on their hours and location. Focusing on the family allows studios to accommodate a wide age range, anticipate groups of people, and choose the right products to help maintain cleanliness with minimal effort. Automatic appliances like flushing systems with inline sanitizer, soap dispensers, faucets, and hand dryers benefit both the men’s and women’s rooms. These hands-free products reduce cross-contamination, streamline the bathroom process, and cut down water waste and electricity costs. The inline sanitizer cleans the toilet with each flush, which means less cleaning for staff at the end of the day. A waterless urinal with a urinal screen will minimize splatter and spills, especially from younger boys, as well as prevent splash-back onto the user, which could be very unsightly when someone is about to pose for a picture!

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To assist parents with young children, photography studios must provide baby changing tables, child safety seats, and diaper disposal units. This will ensure that families will not have to interrupt the photo session and leave your facility altogether in case those inevitable childhood accidents occur. It will also be a relief for your employees not to have to touch the soiled trash!

Having these products available and combined with a scheduled service can make a great difference for your business. Sanitary facilities can mean fewer sick days for your employees and increased satisfaction for your customers. There will be many smiles to photograph when your clients feel like your business is looking out for them.

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