Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Health and Country Clubs

Updated on August 25, 2023

Summer is the prime time for outdoor activities. Club members are often found at the pool or golf course during these months. The golf and health club industries cater to a large audience, with approximately 29 million golfers and 55 million health and fitness club members in the U.S. With this surge in visitors, facility upgrades, especially in restrooms, become essential. High-quality services are expected by patrons from the moment they step in. With the right products and services, maintaining bathrooms becomes a breeze.

Country and health clubs provide a plethora of activities. Apart from golf, they have swimming pools, lawn games, tennis courts, and dining options. Given that one can spend an entire day, restrooms should be well-equipped. No-touch appliances like menstural hygiene products, auto faucets,  soap dispensers, and hand dryers promote hygiene and reduce mess and cross-contamination. Auto flush systems with inline sanitizers enhance cleanliness. Sanitary disposal units in women’s restrooms ensure hygiene and prevent clogging. Such products not only promote efficiency but also reduce restroom usage time.

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Post outdoor activities or gym sessions, showers become essential. A combined hair and body shampoo dispenser in each shower is efficient and eases cleaning for staff. Many clubs have dress-code bound restaurants, making decent showers crucial. Bathrooms or locker rooms, especially near pools or with showers, should have non-slip mats. These mats prevent accidents and protect floors from damage. With around 540,000 slip and fall accidents annually, these mats are vital near wet zones.



While adults are the primary visitors, many families also frequent these clubs. As per a 2009 survey by the National Club Association, family amenities are highly valued. Offering services like baby-changing tables, child safety seats, and diaper disposal units enhances the quality and tidiness of facilities.

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As summer approaches, it’s time to gear up your facilities for the influx of visitors and ensure a hassle-free season.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Upgraded Facilities for Increased Traffic: With the rise in visitors during summer, it’s crucial to upgrade facilities, especially restrooms, to cater to the increased demand.
  2. Emphasis on Hygiene: No-touch appliances in restrooms, combined shampoo dispensers in showers, and sanitary disposal units are essential for maintaining hygiene.
  3. Safety First: Non-slip mats in wet zones can prevent accidents, ensuring the safety of the patrons.
  4. Catering to Families: Providing family-friendly amenities like baby-changing tables and child safety seats enhances the overall experience for visiting families.

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