Car Dealership Hygiene & Sanitation Tips – GUIDE [2024]

Updated on May 14, 2024

Car Dealership Hygiene

Creating a positive first impression is crucial for all businesses, especially car dealerships. With potential buyers conducting extensive online research and visiting only about 1.6 showrooms before making a purchase, every customer that walks in becomes vital. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in your car dealership can significantly influence their decision. This article provides essential hygiene tips for car dealerships to help you attract and retain customers.

Cleanliness & Sanitation in Car Showrooms

 First Impressions Count

According to the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA), 17.5 million vehicles were sold in 2016. When buyers walk in, they are expecting to see a clean, neat appearance that matches the shiny, new cars on display.

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To help facilities maintain this look throughout the day, surface sanitizing wipes should be made readily available to allow employees to quickly wipe spills, messes, and dust off of their desks, counters, and around customer areas.

Breathe Easy

Odor problems are a serious detriment to businesses, as 71% of consumers in a survey stated that they perceived it as a sign of improper cleaning.

Placing air neutralizers in the restrooms and showrooms will keep the air fresh without a fragrance, which means shoppers and staff with allergies and respiratory conditions will not be irritated, and the “new-car smell” will not be overshadowed.

Steer Clear of Germs

Between test-driving cars, walking in and out of the service area, enjoying some free snacks, and signing off on paperwork, patrons will feel the need to sanitize their hands.

Placing hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances and exits, near customer areas, and around the showroom will allow them to quickly and easily clean their hands. Plus, it will also help to keep them out on the sales floor instead of looking for the sink.

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Restrooms Made Simple

Keeping sanitary bathrooms does not have to be a daunting chore, as the right products can help facilities to maintain a cleaner appearance for longer periods of time.

Ensure that toilets and urinals are sanitized with every flush, soap dispensers are always full, faucets and hand dryers are properly working, and that your appliances are touch-free to minimize cross-contamination, reduce waste, and prevent vandalism.

Keep Them Coming Back

The NADA says 300 million service orders were written in 2016. After purchasing a car, buyers often return to the dealership for repairs and regular maintenance.

However, they may think twice if your business has untidy bathrooms or an unsanitary appearance. Clients often assume that if the facility is messy, the service being performed on their cars will be sloppy too. This can lead a to drop as low as 39% in sales and customer service satisfaction in car dealerships.

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Going Above and Beyond

Car dealership should always maintain a neat and clean appearance and be ready to turn new customers into returning ones. Installing the right hygiene products and pairing them with regularly scheduled services can make achieving this standard easier, without giving extra work to the cleaning staff.

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