Canadian Manufacturing Case Study

The Canadian Manufacturing Case Study 2020

The Cornerstone of the Canadian economy

Manufacturing plays a significant role in the Canadian economy and, while it represents 10% of total GDP, this giant economic engine is powered by people. Without a highly skilled workforce including designers, engineers, and technicians the industry wouldn’t thrive. However, absenteeism in manufacturing organizations caused by sickness or illness can cost the economy $16.6BN each year.  In order to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, it is vital that businesses focus on improving hygiene and safety standards.


During the last 45 years, Citron Hygiene has provided hygiene solutions to a vast range of manufacturing businesses.  One example of this is Peerless Clothing. Discover how Citron Hygiene’s service solutions help Peerless Clothing create a healthier and safer environment and in turn, reduces absenteeism.


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