The List You Don’t Want Your Public Washroom To Be On – A Case Study of Horrible Washroom Experiences

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Last Updated on March 15, 2023

As washroom hygiene experts, Citron Hygiene has seen it all – the good, the bad, and the exceptionally awful – when it comes to washroom hygiene in public places and businesses.

Citron Hygiene is a solution for business owners looking for ways to increase revenue and improve their customer reviews via the simple strategy of elevating your public washrooms.

How do we know that washroom hygiene directly contributes to positive reviews? It only takes a few simple search terms and clicks to find the proof.

Google reviews, Twitter threads and handles, high-profile blogs and Reddit forms all contain thousands of examples of employees and customers readily sharing and discussing their bad public washroom experiences. And, in many cases the names of the businesses are mentioned. Who would have known that this would be such a popular topic worthy of online discussion?

So, what exactly makes a public washroom worthy of a bad review? And how do you ensure your washrooms end up on the “good” lists?

Read on to find out.

What are customers saying about public washrooms?

What makes a washroom “the worst”? What are people saying about the public washrooms they have visited – and will never return to?

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The communities of Reddit have answers for you. For the purposes of this blog, we decided to focus on Reddit – but much of what you’re about to see below is as easily found across multiple online platforms.

Take notes to make sure your own public washroom doesn’t end up on one of these lists!

Bonus: We’ve also included a short list of the public washrooms that had the best feedback about cleanliness. Read on to find out what makes a good bathroom great!

{For the sake of the businesses, we’re not going to post the specific locations mentioned in this article – just the details that made them cringey.}


Online reviews: What’s the worst public washroom you’ve ever used?

Think about it – have you ever visited a public washroom that was smelly (ew), sticky (what, why?!), or downright dirty? (*shudder*).

Did you have the choice to leave – or was nature calling urgently? Did you ever go back to that place, knowing what you’d be facing if you had to use the washroom?

You’re not alone. Let’s see what these Reddit users have to say about the worst washrooms they’ve ever been to.

1. ReptilianZen

2. ncbiker78

3. Phelzy

4. Snowboarder3000

What makes a washroom “bad”

We read through hundreds of posts, and according to Reddit users, there are some common themes found in bad bathrooms:

  • Bad smells
  • Dirty floors / sinks / toilets
  • Clogged toilets
  • Soap dispensers that are empty
  • Paper towel dispensers that are empty or not working
  • Air dryers that do not work
  • Sink taps that aren’t working properly or don’t let out enough water
  • Lack of supplies like toilet paper, paper towel, soap
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Online reviews: What’s the best public washroom you’ve ever used?

Now, it’s a common belief that people “only take to the internet to complain.” However, the more that “review culture” takes hold, more and more people are happy to share positive experiences and reviews.

There are businesses that take washroom hygiene very seriously. For example, the Reddit users of America swear by Buc-ee’s, a chain of gas station convenience stores along American highways.

Note: Despite one Reddit user’s great faith in Buc-ee’s cleanliness, we strongly discourage public washroom users from eating off of the floors.

1. Villain_of_Brandon

2. TravelKats

3. greencephalopod3

4. Beef_taco86

5. anonasaurois

6. Sleepyprojectionist

7. mxmnull

What makes a washroom “good”

Reading through the posts, feedback and reviews, there are some themes that make public washrooms good:

  • No bad smells or lingering odors (smells like potpourri a plus!)
  • Clean surfaces / clean floors / clean toilets
  • Dispensers that are fully functional and fully stocked
  • Menstrual hygiene products that are accessible and freely supplied
  • Full-sized, functional washroom stalls
  • Spacious and well-lit
  • Music playing (bonus)


How to maintain the public washrooms in your business

So, now you know what your employees and customers might be saying about your public washrooms online – now you need to elevate your washrooms to make sure you stay on the clean list. 

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How do you do that?

Well, as we’ve already mentioned, Citron Hygiene is the solution to your washroom problems. 

What products and services does Citron Hygiene provide?

Citron Hygiene provides everything that your public washroom needs to make it on the good list instead of the bad.

When you team up with Citron Hygiene to solve your washroom problems, you’re entering into a professional partnership that gives you access to everything you need for clean and hygienic washroom care.

Regular maintenance of touch-free products ensures that your washrooms are rarely dysfunctional – and they’ll be serviced quickly if you report problems with our tech team. We believe in helping you keep your washrooms functional, clean and like-able!

We even re-stock all supplies like toilet paper, paper towel, soap, and menstrual hygiene products.

Get started today – book your consultation with Citron Hygiene.

Citron Hygiene is an advocate against period poverty – check out our menstrual product dispensers and elevate your washroom’s hygiene and equality at the same time. 

Find out how we can elevate your washroom experience today.

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