Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Entertainment

Updated on February 22, 2023

Museums, movie theaters, and performing arts centers have guests ranging from small children to senior citizens. In summer, more people take advantage of their vacation time and go out to visit these places. The increased attendance means that these attractions need to work harder to maintain their restrooms and provide customers with opportunities to practice good hygiene. Consequently, for the facility managers, the beginning of summer may be the right time to begin looking for products and services that will help the cleaning staff to maintain fresh bathrooms and facilities more efficiently.

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Maintaining Hygiene in Museums

Most museum exhibits are not supposed to be touched and are cleaned by specially trained employees who follow strict standards. The lack of dust and fingerprints can make a museum look pristine, however; not all museum surfaces are touch-free. The doors and handles, handrails, and tactile exhibits will see many hands. Easy access to soap and water and hand sanitizer is necessary for visitors to avoid nasty bacteria.

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Children’s museums are quite the opposite. The majority of exhibits are meant to be interactive, so no surface is safe. Disinfecting toys, exhibits, and other surfaces with sanitizing wipes before and after kids touch them becomes a priority, along with maintaining proper hand hygiene. As the target audience for children’s museums is families, providing proper baby changing stations paired with diaper disposal units in the restrooms is a necessity. Parents will be encouraged to sanitize these changing tables and child safety seats after using them if surface sanitizers are offered as well.

Maintaining Hygiene in Art Centers & Movie Theaters

A ticket to the movies or performing arts centers can also get you a seat with Group B strep, fecal matter, and Staphylococcus, which have all been found on movie theater seats and cup holders. Other commonly touched surfaces, like door handles and armrests, harbor bacteria too. Concessions stands can quickly spread germs if they are not sanitized regularly, especially when surfaces become sticky with soda. The drink containers can even be contaminated with bacteria, as some lids have tested positive for fecal matter. A performing arts center does not see as many patrons as a movie theater does, but it operates in a similar fashion. Both establishments draw large groups of people and keep them in the same, enclosed space for at least a few hours. This gives airborne germs and viruses plenty of time to spread.

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How to Keep Your Entertainment Business Clean & Hygienic

The best way for business owners to keep bacteria at a minimum and to protect their staff and customers is to provide adequate hand washing supplies, like soap dispensers that are kept full. Installing hand sanitizer units next to entrances, exits, at the top or bottom of stairs, and in other high traffic areas will also encourage visitors to disinfect their hands when soap and water are not available. Keeping your customers healthy can keep attendance up and spread more positive reviews than germs.

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