Prevent the Summer Stink

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Summer is not only the hottest season; it can also be the smelliest. You may notice nastier odors, or you may overhear your staff and customers saying that your facilities and bathrooms smell worse than usual. Heat and humidity intensify all scents, meaning that your cleaning staff is not to blame. However, odors can be overcome, even on the hottest days.


Heat and humidity allow bacteria to grow faster and produce an unpleasant aroma. The stench is then trapped in the air, which allows it to linger for a longer time, travel farther, and be more accessible to our noses. Smells are more difficult to detect in colder weather because our bodies have to warm the air as we inhale it.

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Heat, humidity, and bacteria can be a stinky combination in public restrooms, but they are not the only places with this issue. Odors from your building can waft into nearby businesses or become a cause for complaint by your staff and customers. Also facilities, like health clubs, gymnasiums, dance studios, locker rooms, and cafeterias are all susceptible to smell contamination caused by intense activity and sweating. Installing an air freshener is the most effective solution to this problem. Choosing a unit that is that is the right size for your space will ensure that it works 24/7 to optimally neutralize odors or provide a light, pleasant fragrance.

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This summer, if your restroom or facility falls victim to the heat and humidity, consider installing an air freshener to let those in your business breathe easier.

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