Free Hygiene Assessments For Schools & Uni’s in 2024

Updated on November 21, 2023

Discover how to take enhance current hygiene measures in your school  

At this time, providing the highest standards of hygiene to keep your students, teachers and visitors safe has never been more important. Every school or university should be taking proactive steps to limit infection transmission so students and teachers alike can do their best work. In addition to this, a more hygienic school will lead to better results, happier and more productive children and teachers and less sick days. 

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While your school may be providing high standards already, there is always opportunities to improve current measures. To learn how you can enhance current standards, we are currently offering free school hygiene assessments. Our certified hygiene technicians will visit your premises at a time that suits you to assess your current washroom and school environment and identify areas for improvement for better hygiene. 

Our hygiene experts will advise you on what solutions you could implement in order to deliver outstanding standards with no obligation to buy. 

Contact us now to arrange your free school hygiene consultation and deliver A Grade standards in 2024

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Not quite ready to contact? In the meantime, why not download our Back to School Hygiene Guide? 

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