How to Safely Open Schools During a Pandemic

Updated on October 16, 2022

Why Hygiene in Schools is so Important

Improving hygiene practices within schools has an immense impact on the quality of a child’s education and school experience. From lowering student and staff absenteeism to improved academic performance, hygiene is crucial in shaping the way schools operate. The recent coronavirus pandemic has raised awareness of what an important role hygiene plays in limiting infection transmission and shed light on some important gaps in current hygiene standards. In a school environment, implementing the correct hygiene measures has a number of benefits. From less sick days to enhanced student and staff well-being and improved results, hygiene should be a number one priority for schools throughout the year.

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As schools prepare to re-open in September, elevated hygiene standards are needed as school environments are very conducive to the spread of bacteria, and  young children can be particularly vulnerable to infections. While maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in schools has always been important, it can often be overlooked as many other priorities are put first.

The guide below has been written to help you understand what steps can be taken to elevate hygiene standards in alignment with guidelines released by the Center for Disease Control. This guide will help you navigate this period of change and will help support efforts to safely re-open schools.

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What's Included in Your Back to School Guide?

  • Information on how to improve hygiene standards in your school, how to minimize the spread of germs and solutions you can implement
  • How you can communicate clearly with staff and parents about your new cleaning and hygiene policies as advised by the government
  • Recommendations on cleaning and disinfection including how you can encourage better compliance with hygiene policies among students and teachers
  • A Back to School Checklist to help you keep your hygiene standards in check at all times
  • Free educational signage to display around your school premises to encourage teachers, students and visitors to practice good
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