5 Ways to Save Costs in the Washroom

Updated on February 21, 2023

As we continue to adapt to changes presented by the covid-19 pandemic, many businesses out there are looking to improve hygiene levels in their facility. At the same time, while investing in hygiene solutions is essential to protecting the health of your guests, employees and patrons it also comes at a cost. As a business, you may not have budgeted for hygiene solutions in the past – but now it’s crucial that you do. But it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Here’s 5 ways your washroom can actually save you money in the long run all while helping to provide a hygienic and safe experience for all who come and go.

Go Hands-Free

One of the easiest ways to reduce waste and save costs in your washroom is to make the switch to touch-free solutions. This may include Auto-faucets, Automatic flushes and hands-free personal hygiene units. Automatic solutions are not only more hygienic as they limit touch that can easily lead to increased infection transmission, but they can control the amount of water being used in the washroom. Reducing water waste equals reducing costs. It’s a win-win.

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Download our washroom automation guide to see what other benefits going hands-free can have.

Switch to Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

While older models of hand dryers can be effective at drying hands – they may not be as efficient when it comes to saving energy and costs. Older hand dryers can often take longer to dry hands and therefore use more energy. Making the switch to eco-friendly hand dryers that dry hands quickly and effectively can save you money in the long run. Citron Hygiene supplies only the best Dyson hand dryers that use 80% less energy compared to regular hand dryers. Not only will they save you money but you will also be minimizing your business’ impact on the environment.

Use Product Dispensers

hand sanitizer station dispenserIn addition to touch-free solutions, having consumables such as hand sanitizer, soap and toilet paper in dispensers can help you to save costs. Instead of having products scattered round on countertops or paper towels overflowing out of a wicker basket, dispensers help to save costs by reducing waste. Effective dispensers can help to control exactly how much of something a user will take and you’ll no longer end up with toilet rolls on the floor, which  is not only unsightly but your washroom users won’t be able to use it! It’s also more hygienic as dispensers help to keep contents safe and secure and free from cross-contamination.

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Provide Waste Disposal Bins

Are you lacking effective waste disposal bins in your washroom? Whether they are for infant waste, menstrual hygiene or incontinence waste, the absence of disposal units can end up leading to costly problems further down the line. The lack of bins can mean your washroom users end up throwing waste down the toilet. Where does that waste end up? In pipes and in sewers. Calling the plumber to fix a drain blockage every time you have a problem is going to be far more costly than having bins in the first place.

Providing the Very Best Washroom Experience

Okay so, maybe not a way to save money but it will result in greater business results over time. Overlooking the importance of the smallest room in your facility can be a costly mistake. With 56% of people saying they wouldn’t return to a business with a washroom that has poor hygiene, can you afford not to make sure you’re investing in washroom hygiene solutions. Improved washroom hygiene has countless business benefits from increased employee productivity, increased engagement and morale, returning customers, positive word of mouth and increased sales. Over time, these benefits can all equal increased profit. The question is – is it time to refresh your washroom?

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Download Your Free Washroom Checklist

Discover what improvements can be made in your washroom to improve hygiene and save costs by downloading our free washroom scorecard. Alternatively, if your business wants more expert advice on how to take your washroom from good to great, contact us for a free hygiene review. Our experts will visit your premises and advise you on the best ways to improve current measures and talk to you about cost-saving solutions for your facility.

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