Where Does Your Public Washroom Rank In The Public Eye?

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Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Post-Covid, we have pretty clear standards about personal hygiene, as well as hygiene in the workplace, and in public.

The Bradley Corporation, who created the “Annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey” in America, received some fresh results this year when they ran their survey.

In April 2020, 76% of Americans were washing their hands (properly) between 6-15 times a day. Since Covid has settled down (2022), only 56% of Americans are washing their hands regularly throughout the day outside of the home.

Not only will keeping washrooms clean and functional help to boost healthy personal hygiene both in the workplace or in public, but it will help businesses grow.


  1. Customers linger in businesses that feel clean
  2. Clean washrooms mean happier and more engaged employees
  3. Clean washrooms mean positive customer reviews
  4. Core washroom facilities mean meeting your HR requirements for inclusivity
  5. Elevate your washroom experience and start seeing the benefits to your revenue

Let’s lead with the business benefits.

Customers Linger In Businesses That Feel Clean

We don’t just mean they’ll spend longer in the washroom – we mean they will spend more time (and money) in your business or restaurant if the washrooms are clean.

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Restroom revenue for restaurants

According to similar studies, having a clean restroom increases revenue in restaurants by 9%. When customers see that your washrooms are clean, they are more likely to linger in your restaurant, and return again knowing they don’t have to hold it or head home in order to relieve themselves.

In a study completed by the Harvard Business School, the post-pandemic strategy of restaurants to return to the green in revenue includes installation of air purification systems and re-designing washrooms to make them visibly clean when guests walk in.

Washroom revenue for retail

According to studies by the Bradley Corporation, survey feedback from American respondents indicates that:

  • 70% have had a terrible bathroom experience
  • 45% say they would pay a quarter to use a “premium” (clean and well-stocked) public restroom
  • 50% were afraid to pick up germs or viruses from retail stores especially
  • 1 in 2 were willing to spend more money in businesses with clean restrooms
  • 55% were unwilling to return to a business after a bad bathroom experience

You owe it to your guests (and your business!) to invest in a higher standard of washroom hygiene in your business.

Clean Washrooms Mean Happier and More Engaged Employees

Unlike customers, in-office employees can’t just rush off and use the washroom at home when they’ve got to go.

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They either try to hold it for as long as they can (not great for physical health) or use the washrooms in whatever terrible state they’re in (not great for morale).

Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees (and far less likely to quit).

Since the need to relieve oneself at least a couple times a day is a biological requirement, happiness in the workplace can be strongly impacted by how clean your washrooms are.

Clean Washrooms Mean Positive Customer Reviews

Washrooms only account for about 5% of a building’s square footage. Despite that, they account for about 50% of customer complaints.

Your public washrooms may be small – but the impact they have on your company’s reputation is great. Thanks again to the Bradley Corporation’s surveys, we know that 64% of consumers make conscious decisions to choose businesses based on how clean their washrooms are.

Meet Your Human Resource Standards For Inclusivity

Whether you are a social justice advocate hoping to lead the world toward inclusivity, or a business that simply wants to meet HR requirements in the workplace, your washrooms will be a key consideration.

Ensuring equal access to the washroom products and facilities needed will ensure that healthy, safe, and dignified solutions are accessible to everyone who visits your washroom, regardless of their gender or socioeconomic status. Remember, that not all those who menstruate are women, and not all those who menstruate have access to the period products they need.

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Invest In Elevating Your Washroom Experience

Invest in clean washroom hygiene – an easy solution to customer and employee satisfaction.

Elevate your reputation with a public washroom that exceeds expectations when it comes to post-pandemic health and safety standards.

The quickest way to do this is to partner with the industry’s leading brand of washroom hygiene solutions: Citron Hygiene.

Citron Hygiene provides a number of washroom and hygiene solutions including:

  1. Menstrual product dispensers.
  2. Touch-free and unobtrusive menstrual hygiene disposal units.
  3. Air care and purification systems
  4. Regular service and maintenance of our touch-free technologies.
  5. Manual and touch-free hand hygiene solutions

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