How To Sanitize and Spring-Clean Your Workplace in 2024

Updated on January 12, 2024

Sanitize and Spring-Clean the Workplace: Boosting Health and Productivity

The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, and everyone is feeling more upbeat with the change in weather. However, your employees’ desks are covered in messy piles of papers and could be covered in germs too, especially if sicknesses spread through the workplace during winter.

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The Impact of Workplace Cleanliness on Productivity and Perception

Maintaining sanitary workspaces is essential for both productivity and health. A survey by Adecco highlights the importance of clean work surfaces for business and staff wellbeing.

Easy and Effective Sanitization Solutions for Workplaces

Placing surface sanitizer dispensers near doors and throughout the business facility encourages employees to maintain clean workspaces. Surface sanitizing wipes are a convenient and effective option for quick cleaning.

The Role of Sanitization in Reducing Workplace Illness

A study by the University of Arizona demonstrates that regular sanitizing can significantly reduce the spread of viruses in an office setting. This is crucial considering many people admit to going to work sick.

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Enhancing Customer Experience through a Clean Work Environment

Cleanliness not only affects staff health but also customer perception. A study reveals that 70% of the buying experience is influenced by how customers feel they are being treated, making a clean environment a key factor.

Valuing Employees Through Clean and Healthy Workspaces

When employees are valued and work in a clean environment, they are more likely to convey positive feelings to customers. Providing surface sanitizers in facilities is a step towards showing care for employees and maintaining a healthy workplace.

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