Sanitize and Spring-Clean the Workplace

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, and everyone is feeling more upbeat with the change in weather. However, your employees’ desks are covered in messy piles of papers and could be covered in germs too, especially if sicknesses spread through the workplace during winter. It’s time to spring-clean those workspaces to increase productivity and most importantly, keep your business a healthy place to work.

Maintaining sanitary workspaces is easy for staff to do when clutter is removed. Clean work surfaces are just as beneficial for business as they are for the health of staff and customers. A survey by Adecco found that 57% of workers judge their fellow coworkers on the cleanliness of their desks and half of those who were polled said they would be disgusted by a dirty desk or office.

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Placing surface sanitizer dispensers near doors and throughout the business facility will help to ensure that it is available when needed while also encouraging employees to maintain spotless workspaces. Surface sanitizing wipes are an easy option, as they are pre-saturated, allowing individuals to quickly remove dust and germs in just one step. An effective wipe will kill a wide variety of pathogens while preventing the growth of new ones for an extended period of time. In common areas that need cleaning more frequently, especially break rooms or cafeterias where people eat, a surface sanitizer that is safe for food-contact surfaces is a more practical choice.

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A study by the University of Arizona found that implementing a simple hygiene program that included sanitizing surfaces daily and using hand sanitizer multiple times a day reduced the spread of viruses by 80-99% in an office setting. As 80% of people admit to going to work sick, regular disinfecting will improve the appearance of your business and the health of your staff.

As one survey found, 70% of the buying experience is based on how the customers feel they are being treated, which makes caring for your people an even more important investment. When your employees know they are valued, they can pass these positive feelings along to current and potential customers. In addition to a tidier appearance and healthier environment, offering surface sanitizers in your facilities will help keep your business clean and your staff happy.

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