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Updated on March 16, 2023

COVID-19  has undoubtedly placed hygiene at the center of our lives. Most people are now far more cautious of how their behavior will effect their health and that of others, especially while out in public. Having a hygienic space is no longer something that’s nice to have, it’s expected. In fact, customers make shopping decisions based on how hygienic or unhygienic a business looks, and have been for a long time. For example, a Harris Poll Survey from 2010 found that 75% of people would not return to a restaurant if it had dirty washrooms!

The Coronavirus pandemic has only intensified the need for good hygiene. Washrooms that appear clean and the weekly cleaning of office spaces is no longer enough to achieve the level of hygiene people expect. The ‘new normal’ created by COVID-19 means business now need to demonstrate not just that they’re “clean” but that they are taking specific measures to prevent the spread of viruses and infectious bacteria within their facility. For example, businesses who do not provide hand sanitizer at every entrance, or touch-free washrooms can be seen as untrustworthy or risky to visit post-COVID.

As a result, businesses have completely changed the way they run to meet the new hygiene needs of their customers. Among the most common infection-prevention methods are touch-free washroom fixtures and menstrual disposal, touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers at every entrance, touch-free PPE disposal, enforcing strict social distancing, and regular surface disinfection.

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The Rise of Professional Disinfection

While all the infection-prevention methods mentioned above are being used a lot more now, many of them have been around for years! However, one of the most-wanted services during this COVID-19 pandemic is a relatively new addition to the typical facility hygiene services; professional disinfection. This is in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional Disinfection is so popular because regular disinfection one of the most recommended, yet difficult to maintain, infection-prevention methods. Manually disinfecting commonly touched surfaces and items like your work desk and your phone can be fairly easy to maintain. However, regularly disinfection your entire facility is much more difficult. That’s why so many businesses are choosing to have their facility professionally disinfected. This service offers businesses 360-degree coverage of a Health-Canada approved disinfectant, without the hours and hours of manual labour.

Signage for Peace of Mind

How do businesses let their customers know that their facility is being professionally disinfected? Easy: signage! All of Citron Hygiene’s Professional Disinfection Services  and Air Purification Services come with free signage that businesses can display throughout their facility to let their customers and staff know they have their well-being in mind. 


Utilizing a special machine, our trained hygiene technicians focus micro-droplets of hospital-grade disinfectant (Solx-5) onto surfaces. Our SaniDefense formulation has the ability to disinfect hard and non-porous surfaces that include floors, walls, metal surfaces, porcelain and more.

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SaniPlus is a cutting-edge system that combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology. When electricity is charged into a liquid, the cleaning product atomizes with pressurized air giving a magnetic charge that can stick to surfaces – no matter where they are in the room.

SaniGuard Washroom Disinfection

SaniGuard uses a patent pending antimicrobial disinfectant and provides a protective shield against contamination. Applied to washroom touchpoints, this add-on service not only kills viruses and bacteria in 60 seconds and leaves behind an invisible antimicrobial film for 30 days of additional protection.

SaniShield Antimicrobial Treatment

Redefine the concept of clean with SaniShield™. Using AEGIS®, surfaces will receive an antimicrobial treatment that provides added protection against bacteria, mould, mildew, algae and yeast for long lasting protection.
SaniShield™ provides superior surface protection when combined with daily cleaning and disinfecting practices.

Air Quality Matters!

Air quality and ventilation is important in preventing the spread of virus-carrying aerosols throughout your facility. The SARS-CoV-2 virus aerosol droplets can last in the air  for up to 3 hours, which is why it’s important to  have a system in place to prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

Jade Air Purification Unit

Designed with innovative technology, the Jade works to surgically clean, purify, and remove almost 100% of air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and fungus that can be present in indoor air. This helps to keep the air fresh, pure and prevent cross-contamination within your facility.

SaniZone Air and Surface Hygiene

SaniZone™ works 24/7 to effectively target bacteria, viruses, mould, fumes, odours and other impurities. With fast, effective and reliable performance, SaniZone™ works to elevate hygiene, demonstrating a 99.999% reduction rate of bacteria on surfaces in just two minutes of treatment.

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The New Normal Requires New Strategies

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses with poor hygiene were widely accepted as normal, or something that you simply had to accept if you wanted to continue to visit your favorite businesses. However, poor hygiene is no longer acceptable. Businesses need to be equipped with the right strategies and products to provide employees and visitors with the level of hygiene they have come to expect. They also need a way to show their customers that they are taking these measures for their well-being, which is why signage is SO important. A sign indicating you have surgically clean air through our Jade for example, can be the deciding factor between choosing your business, or a competitor!

Adjusting to the “New Normal” can be difficult. Which is why partnering with an experienced facility hygiene service provider is the best way to make sure all of your bases are covered. People are no longer willing to visit unhealthy spaces- is your business up to par? Contact Citron Hygiene today to upgrade you facility.

Find out how we can elevate your washroom experience today.

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