New Period Legislation: What You Need to Know

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Updated on December 15, 2023

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Has your Human Resources department implemented changes to comply for the recent revolutionary shift in workplace policy? 

The Canada Labour Code recently underwent a transformation that impacts every federally regulated business and its employee’s access to period products.

As of December 15th 2023, federally regulated employers are required to make menstrual products available to workers at no cost while they are in the workplace.

The final version of the Regulations was recently approved and is now available in Part II of the Canada Gazette. If you are a federally regulated business, as of December 15th, you need to have all your ducks in a row and distribute free period products in the workplace.

This is a major change for businesses and employees across Canada. 

Watch our webinar discussing the new regulation changes and how to be compliant. 

Every company – federally regulated or not – should become familiar with this new legislation and begin prioritizing free access to menstrual products as the drive for menstrual equity continues to grow. 

In this article, learn why the change has happened, how you can seize this opportunity to champion fairness, equality, and employee well-being and some easy ways that you can start distributing free period products in your workplace today.



Break down the period stigma: Now is the time to shatter menstrual taboos

It’s about time Canada started to address the unspoken and often stigmatized topic of menstruation. And the new changes in the Canada Labour Code and its aim to combat menstrual equity are a welcome sign of change for many.

As a society, we have gradually started to shed outdated taboos and embrace open discussions on menstruation and this new change in regulation marks a major milestone. 

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The work that many activists, menstruators and legislators have done is fueling a cultural shift that has prompted legislative action to ensure menstrual product accessibility across workplaces in Canada. 

Unfortunately, many menstruators in Canada still experience period poverty and this change could be instrumental in providing relief to many menstruators across the country. By acknowledging and supporting the needs of menstruating employees, businesses and HR managers can start to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment in their workplace.

But it’s not only the people who have periods that benefit from access to period products. Businesses, managers, and all employees will start to feel the effects of this change in the Canada Labour Code. Let’s explore how.



Promote physical and psychological health and safety

The new Canada Labour Code amendment prioritizes the physical and psychological health and safety of menstruating employees. 

By making access to period products in the workplace a part of the law, our government is beginning to acknowledge that menstruation is a natural bodily process that requires proper care. 

Providing essential period products in your business will demonstrate to employees that you care about their physical and psychological well-being. By giving them the support they need to manage their menstrual health effectively, safely and without shame, you will reduce their discomfort at work and create a welcoming environment that makes your employees feel appreciated.


Address systemic inequities

This change in the Canada Labour Code not only protects the rights of menstruating employees but also addresses systemic inequities. 

Gender-based discrimination and disparities faced by vulnerable populations are often perpetuated by limited access to menstrual products. 

According to the University of Western Toronto, almost a quarter of Canadian women and a third of women under the age of 25 have struggled to pay for menstrual products for themselves or their children or other dependents at some point in their life. 

Some of those surveyed in the report have also had to go without food in order to afford menstrual products, with others struggle to manage health issues due to lack of access to period products.

These issues affect the most vulnerable in our society the worst. Not only are their choices limited but many also then have to skip school or work because they have no period products available to them.

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There are many facets to the ways that a lack of access to menstrual products can impact personal well-being. This change in legislation will start to address some of the most prominent.

Once your business starts to ensure the availability and access to period products, you will start to play an active role in levelling the playing field and promoting fairness for all your employees.

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Seize the opportunity to stand up for fairness and equality

As an HR manager or business owner, you have a unique chance to demonstrate your commitment to fairness and equality.

To embrace the change in the Canada Labour Code (even if you are not in a federally regulated industry) is an opportunity to create a workplace environment that fosters inclusivity, supports employee well-being, and promotes gender equality. 

By proactively providing access to period products, you send a powerful message that your business values its employees and is dedicated to breaking down menstrual taboos. This will improve your employee well-being, make you a more desirable company to work with and show your customers or clients what you value and that you are willing to take a stand to champion what you feel is important.


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How to start distributing free period products

There’s a lot to say about the important change the Canada Labour Code is currently undergoing. But one of the major questions you probably have is how do you start distributing free period products in the workplace? 

This is a new avenue for many HR leaders to explore but luckily the process of distributing free period products doesn’t need to be as complex or expensive as you might think.



Deliver period dignity with Aunt Flow 

Citron Hygiene and Aunt Flow® have teamed up to combat period poverty by creating more accessible bathrooms through the provision of free-vend tampon and menstrual product dispensers

Aunt Flow vending machines, serviced and distributed by Citron Hygiene, are a simple and effective way to start distributing free period products in your workplace. 

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Basically, we install the vending machine in your workplace bathroom and it distributes free period products (both tampons and pads) for anyone who needs one to take. 


About Aunt Flow Vending Machines

  • Attractive and durable: front window tested to withstand high-traffic conditions
  • Manufactured to be sustainable—Aunt Flow pads and tampons are 100% organic cotton and produce 25% less waste than other brands
  • For every 10 products sold, Aunt Flow® donates 1 to menstruators in need
  • Offering tampons and pads so that users can choose what’s right for them
  • Reliably serviced and filled on a predetermined schedule by Certified Citron Hygiene Technicians

Reach out to us here at Citron Hygiene to inquire about how you can start providing Aunt Flow in your workplace bathroom today.


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Create a Period Positive Space: Communicate the change

In addition to providing free access to tampons and pads, it’s important to effectively communicate the change to your employees and customers. 

  1. Let your employees know your organization is committed to equal opportunity, inclusivity and accessibility.
  2. Announce the installation of a free-vend menstrual product dispenser and confirm your commitment to promoting the physical and mental well-being of your employees.
  3. Invite your employees to use the tampon and pad dispenser. Remember, similar to toilet paper, people will only use as many products as they really need. 


Remember, these new changes to the Canada Labor Code are just the beginning. The rise of menstrual equity is continuing to grow, and before long, period dignity and free access to menstrual products will become the norm across all public spaces.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your period positive space today!

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