Pad and tampon vending for the Canada Labour Code legislation changes

As of December 15, 2023, federally regulated businesses will be required to offer their employees free period products and covered menstrual hygiene disposal bins. Read on to find out how you can become compliant.

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At Citron Hygiene, we specialise in menstrual hygiene solutions.  From menstrual hygiene waste disposal to free vend period product, we have it all.  Our reliably on-time, expert service will give you the peace of mind that your employees are being provided with the dignity they require in the washroom.

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As the experts in providing Period Dignity Washrooms, we have your turnkey solution to the changing legislation, from products to services.

Necessities for a Period Dignity Washroom

Why outsource your Period Dignity Washroom?

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On-time, reliable refill and waste-removal services

sanitary napkin disposal and tampon disposal systems.

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Expert servicing keeps janitorial staff safe from blood-borne pathogens.

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Donate To Menstruators In Need

For every 10 period products purchased, we donate 1 to menstruators in need across Canada

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What to expect when you offer a Period Dignity Washroom

Higher Productivity

  • By providing free period products in the washroom, menstruators who unexpectedly get their period can stay at work instead of leaving to get pads, tampons, and possibly a change of clothes.

Healthier Employees

  • Out with the germ-ridden metal wall box, in with the touch-free, covered disposal. Employees are at lower risk of getting sick from viruses and bacteria that may live on old-fashioned disposal boxes.

Improved Sense of Wellness

  • 1 in 4 women in North America are unable to afford period products due to inflation. But with reliable access, they can focus on their priorities.

Menstrual equity in a nutshell refers to the safety, affordability, and accessibility of menstrual products to all menstruators. Furthermore, menstrual equity is not only defined by products, but rather an increased education and awareness surrounding reproductive care and the means to manage menstruation.

Providing free pads and tampons isn’t just supporting a basic human right, it’s a small price to pay for the comfort and dignity of employees, customers, students and visitors to public washrooms. From stained clothes, to lost work time, public embarrassment and serious health risks, the cost of period inequity can be, quite literally, life-threatening. Installing a tampon dispenser or sanitary napkin dispenser that offers free feminine hygiene products is critical for gender equality in the workplace. Learn more about how your workplace can join the growing movement to provide free period products.

Beginning December 15, 2023 new legislation in Canada has made it mandatory for all federally regulated workplaces to begin providing free menstrual products

Without a hygienic option for disposing menstrual products within washroom stalls, the chances of pads and tampons being flushed down the toilet increases significantly. Two thirds of plumbing blockages come from menstrual hygiene products being flushed down the toilets which increase your cost on plumbing maintenance. Learn more about how you can prevent tampons from being flushed down your toilets on our blog.

Period dignity, also known as menstrual dignity, refers to shame-free and affordable access to everything a menstruator needs to manage their periods and maintain health – from free period products to accessible and hygienic sanitary napkin disposal. Learn how your business can put an end to period poverty and support period dignity on our blog.

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