How to Make Your Business More Family-Friendly

Updated on October 17, 2022

Baby on Changing Table

Parents will go to great lengths to address their babies’ needs wherever they are. They pack strollers full of toys, bottles, blankets and anything else an infant may need while away from home. There is one thing they have to rely on businesses to provide: a safe place to change and dispose of diapers. While families are out, changing a diaper can be tricky if the facility lacks the resources that are needed.

Why Build a Family Friendly Restroom?

In the United States, a 2012 census found that about 66% of households were families and in Canada, a 2016 census found that 51.1% of couples had children. With the majority of households being families, more businesses should consider including family-friendly conveniences, especially if they expect parents with infants and toddlers to visit. Lack of childcare amenities in businesses is a popular social issue. People with children may feel negatively about establishments that do not provide these away-from-home necessities and make their opinions known in numerous parenting blogs, message boards, review websites, and social media. Businesses may lose customers and gain a bad reputation among families by not including diaper changing facilities in their restrooms.

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Feeding Baby

The Importance of Diaper Changing Facilities

A 2016 survey found that 75% of parents seek out businesses that provide diaper-changing amenities. When babies need for diaper changes but no accommodations are available, caregivers have no option but to get creative. This is not only inconvenient for them, but other individuals in the restroom as well. Parenting advice articles suggest the following for this situation:

  • Take over the restroom counter/sink area
  • Go out to the car
  • Change the baby outdoors on the ground (with a changing pad)
  • Lay out toilet seat covers or paper towels on the restroom floor
  • Utilize any flat, clean-looking surface that offers some privacy

Changing Diaper on the Floor

These options are unsanitary for babies, their parents, and anyone else in the vicinity, and are not always possible depending on the weather and location. Finding an appropriate place for a diaper change is only half of the problem. Once the clean one is on, parents need to figure out the diaper disposal issue. Unbeknownst to individuals without children, there is an unwritten rule of etiquette regarding diaper disposal in public places. While many would just assume that diapers end up in the restroom trash, mothers and fathers are expected to wrap them up, place them in a baggie, and carry them around until they can be thrown away at home. This is inconvenient and unhygienic for anyone to do. However, the odor from soiled diapers left in a trash bin can become a cause for complaint among others. The most effective solution for businesses is to provide diaper disposal units in their restrooms.

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Diaper Changing & Disposal Solutions

Citron Hygiene’s diaper-changing table and disposal unit make infant care away from home a clean and simple task. Our changing table easily opens and closes with one hand and includes a safety strap and bed liners for convenience. The diaper disposal unit prevents cross-contamination with its foot-pedal operation and is designed to control odor. On a frequency tailored to businesses’ needs, our technicians remove the collected waste, which prevents unsightly, overflowing bins. This is a great convenience for businesses that want to be more family-friendly or have a large customer base of families.

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According to a Nielsen Company survey, 92% of people believe recommendations from friends and family over advertisements. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for gaining new customers. So, make your business more accommodating to families, and they will surely notice and share this with others.

Citron Hygiene specialize in innovative commercial hygiene products and services. Contact us today to discuss your washroom and diaper disposal needs.

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