Benefits of Working with a BBB Accredited Service Provider

What is the Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting marketplace transparency and trust. They set market standards by encouraging best practices within each industry, calling out substandard marketplace behavior and unethical business practices. After a thorough evaluation of each business, the BBB provides a grade; F is the lowest and A+ the highest. The grade provided is then made publicly available on the BBB website, so customers can make better-informed decisions when choosing who to do business with.


Ratings are based on whether businesses:

  • Build marketplace trust by consistently operating in an ethical manner
  • Advertise in an honest and ethical way
  • Truthfully represent their products and services to the public
  • Operate transparently
  • Honor all contracts and commitments
  • Are responsive to customer concerns/complaints
  • Safeguard privacy to protect data against fraud or unauthorized collection/distribution
  • Embody integrity in all business dealings

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Citron Hygiene has an A+ Rating

Citron Hygiene is proud to have maintained its A+ rating with the BB in both Canada and the United States since getting accredited in 2018. “We are a company that puts people first and feel that our BBB certification is a testament to this. Our clients know that we are reliable and always accomplish what we set out to do.  Now, those who are new to our business will know how seriously we take customer service.” Peter Farrell, former President & CEO of Citron Hygiene, stated. In order to gain accreditation, Citron Hygiene had to prove that they are committed to resolving customer complaints, have a proven track record of conducting honest business, and are prepared to be continually monitored for compliance.


Benefits of Working with an A+ Rated Facility Service Provider

Choosing a hygiene service provider is an important decision. The well-being of employees and visitors cannot be left to just anyone. Which is why choosing a service provider that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau will help you avoid any future complications. Partnering with an A+ service provider like Citron Hygiene means you are partnering with a company who:

  • Accurately represents its products and services
  • Conducts its business ethically
  • Fulfills all contracts and commitments
  • Addresses all complaints promptly and in good faith
  • Operated transparently in all aspects including pricing, invoicing, refunds, and stock
  • Safeguards customer and employee privacy
  • Conducts business with integrity

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