Are Your School’s Athletic Facilities Ready for the New Normal?

School Recreational Centres Should be Re-Opened Safely and Hygienically

There are nearly 4000 post-secondary institutions in the US, with over 39.2 million students enrolled in post-secondary education in 2018! Although many post-secondary schools moved entirely to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, some are beginning to re-open to in-person learning as countries get cases under control and roll out vaccinations. However, returning to business as usual in a post-COVID simply isn’t an option moving forward, as student are likely to be far more hygiene-conscious.

Gyms are Bacterial Jammed-Packed with Bacteria Hot-Spots

One of the most-used areas in post-secondary institutions are recreational centers, and student locker/change rooms. They are also some of the dirtiest areas in schools, with their own unique hygiene challenges. Recreational centers are full of bacterial hot-spots, with many of the surfaces commonly touched by hundreds if not thousands of people a day. In fact, a study on the cleanliness of gym equipment by FitRated found that the average exercise bike contains 39 times more bacteria per square inch than a plastic cafeteria tray! Even more concerning, the average free weight contains 362 times more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat.

Change Rooms are Dirtier than  you Think!

In many cases, the same students who were touching the contaminated equipment in the gym then go to the change rooms, potentially transferring that bacteria into the locker rooms. With over 70% of the bacteria found in gyms being potentially harmful to humans, it’s important to keep maintain the same level of hygiene in both the gymnasium and the change room areas. 

The only thing team locker rooms should smell of is victory!

Keeping odors under control in any restroom can be difficult, but controlling odors in a locker room full of sweaty clothing, gear and equipment, and people can be an especially tough undertaking. This challenge is only intensified when you consider that previously acceptable levels of hygiene no longer cut it. Using a combination of hygiene products and services that tackle odors, prevent surface cross-contamination, and target air contaminants to improve indoor air is the best way to ensure you’re athletic centers and locker rooms are taken care of. 

Comprehensive Hygiene Solutions for Post-Pandemic Facilities

Target Odours at Their Source with SaniZone™ Air and Surface Hygiene

Sweaty clothing, gym bags, mold and bacteria from the showers, and body odor all make the school gym locker rooms one of the smelliest places on campus! 

SaniZone™ Air & Surface Hygiene targets odor causes bacteria in the air and on surfaces at their source, including a 99.999% inactivation rate of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Protect Against Surface Contamination with SaniGuard Restroom Disinfection

Did you know the that bacteria can double in number in just 20 minutes?  Restrooms are some of the busiest areas in the gym, full of high-touch, high traffic fixtures and surfaces that can harbor bacteria for up to 3 days!

SaniGuard™  Restroom Disinfection Service not only applies a hospital-grade disinfectant to touch-points, it also leaves behind an antimicrobial film for residual protection. 

Automated Restroom Fixtures to Minimize Touch-Points

FitRated found that the sink faucet handle was the dirtiest surface in the restroom, containing more bacteria than change room benches and the shower handle! 

Upgrading to automated restrooms fixtures like AutoFaucet, AutoSoap and AutoFlush decreases the amount of surfaces users need to touch to use the restroom. With 60% of people going out of their way to not touch anything in the restroom, this would be a welcomed upgrade in any restroom!

Sanitize the Air of Illness-Causing Bacteria with Jade Air Purification

The main mode of transmission for COVID-19 and other respiratory illness like the common flu are airborne droplets emitted from sneezing, coughing, talking and breathing. 

Improving the air we breathe indoors is central in mitigating the spread of infectious illnesses. The Jade Air Purification Unit has been proven to rid indoor air of nearly 100% of all airborne contaminants and viruses for better, cleaner, indoor air! This is especially important in gyms where heavy breathing in close quarters is common!

Create More inclusive Washrooms for all with Personal Hygiene Disposal

Schools are intended to be inclusive and safe spaces for all- including transgender students and athletes! Transgender men menstruate too, yet are rarely given a discreet and hygienic place to discard of their menstrual products in the male restroom. It’s time they were afforded the same consideration as cis women!

Upgrading your outdated menstrual disposal to touch-free personal hygiene disposal not only minimizes risks of cross-contamination, but helps create safer, more inclusive restrooms!

Let Your Athlete's Know Their School has Their Backs

The health of your school’s athletic teams is vital to their success. But how will they know you are taking extra measures for their well-being if you don’t tell them? That’s why signage is so important. Having signage throughout your facility letting people know what hygiene measures are in place gives your athletes the peace of mind to focus on winning! 

Partner with a Company you Trust

Knowing what hygiene solutions to use can be overwhelming.  Partnering with an experienced facility hygiene provider is the best way to ensure all your bases are covered! Citron Hygiene has helped hundreds of businesses and schools throughout North America and the UK keep their facilities in the best shape possible throughout the pandemic- elevating previous hygiene programs to suit post-pandemic needs. Contact a Citron Hygiene specialist  to upgrade your school’s recreational center!

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