Ontario’s Main Street Relief Grant – How We Can Help with Our Specialized PPE Bundle Package

Updated on March 15, 2023

As we know the pandemic has had a big impact on not only public health but the economy too. Many companies have been hit hard due to having to close completely or having to reduce the services they can provide.  No matter how businesses have been affected; both situations have had an impact on their bottom line.  As the economy opens up again, businesses may incur increased costs such as PPE and other hygiene supplies will still need to be bought to ensure staff, customers and visitors are kept safe. It’s vital that businesses put hygiene first. but this can be challenging when trying to keep costs low.

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This is why the Government of Ontario has released a new grant to help businesses in this situation: Ontario’s Main Street Relief Grant.  The Grant provides funding of up to $1000.00 to eligible small businesses that have between 2-19 employees to help purchase PPE as a result of Covid-19. Qualifying businesses will get reimbursed for up to $1000 they spend on PPE by simply submitting receipts to the Ontario Government. Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade has stated that ‘This funding will help even more main street businesses stay safe, keep people employed, and continue contributing to our communities.’

A range of businesses from various sectors including hospitality, leisure and sports and theatre and art can benefit from this PPE grant. More information on who is eligible can be found on the Ontario Government’s website.

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Citron Hygiene’s Essential PPE Bundle Package

If your business qualifies for the grants, Citron Hygiene has created a PPE bundle package that includes all the necessary products for your business for a safe and hygienic workplace. For over 45 years, Citron Hygiene has helped businesses create healthy spaces for their customers and employees. When designing our specialized bundle package, we selected the products we know businesses need. These PPE products ensure you have the resources to welcome back guests with confidence.

Included in this bundle is essential PPE, Purell hand sanitizers and disinfectant products. As we understand that every business is different, customers can select our standard bundle package or customize their own!

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Download our flyer to take a look at what’s available in our standard package!  

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