Changing Personal Hygiene Habits – Survey [Updated]

Updated on May 14, 2024

Evolution of Personal Hygiene Habits: Insights from a Post-Pandemic Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered our daily routines, underscoring the critical importance of hygiene in safeguarding public health. As the world gradually transitions into a new normal, it has become evident that maintaining high standards of hygiene is key not only for individual well-being but also for collective safety. This shift has prompted businesses to adopt stringent hygiene protocols to protect both employees and customers.

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How Have Our Personal Hygiene Habits Changed Since the End of Pandemic

Citron has been at the forefront of supporting our clients through the pandemic’s challenges. Recognizing the need to understand and adapt to changing behaviors, we conducted a survey to gauge how Canadians are adjusting their hygiene practices in response to the pandemic, and what measures they expect from businesses and public facilities to feel secure when returning to them.

Key Findings from the Survey on Hygiene Habits

  1. Hand Hygiene Practices:

    • There has been a marked increase in the frequency and thoroughness of handwashing. Respondents indicated a heightened awareness of hand hygiene as a primary tool in preventing the spread of viruses.
  2. Use of Public Washrooms:

    • Concerns over using public washrooms have risen, with many Canadians expecting higher sanitation standards. This includes the use of touchless fixtures and frequent cleaning.
  3. Returning to Work:

    • As employees return to their workplaces, there is a clear demand for enhanced cleaning protocols. Survey participants expressed a desire for regular disinfection of shared spaces and access to hand sanitizing stations to feel safer at work.
  4. Pandemic Behavioral Changes:

    • The survey revealed significant shifts in public attitudes towards hygiene, with a strong consensus on the need for ongoing vigilance against infectious diseases.
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Implications for Businesses and Public Facilities

The survey results highlight a permanent change in public expectations around hygiene. Businesses and facilities must prioritize advanced hygiene solutions to meet these new standards and reassure the public about the safety of their environments. Implementing these measures not only addresses immediate health concerns but also builds long-term trust and confidence among consumers and employees alike.

This post-pandemic landscape presents an opportunity for innovation in hygiene practices that could define the future of public health and safety standards. By staying attuned to these evolving needs, businesses can lead the way in establishing environments that are not only safe but also welcoming and conducive to normal activities.

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Who will benefit from reading this Report?

Facility managers or business owners who want to gain an understanding of Canadian hygiene habits, why hygiene is so important, and what they can implement to improve it.

We surveyed 2000 Canadian adults and here’s what we found:

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