Free Hand Washing Poster for Kids

Educate Children on Hand Hygiene by Displaying This Poster

Our free hand washing poster for kids can help them to create an understanding that washing your hands is important, because germs are everywhere – even if they can’t see them. Teaching children how to wash their hands properly and when they need to wash their hands, such as before/after eating and using the restroom, can begin to create strong habits that can greatly benefit their health. Our poster provides picture directions with each step so even if children can’t fully read, they can ensure they are following the process correctly.

This poster is great to display within restrooms or communal areas alike within your facilities, whether it’s a school, restaurant or even a shopping mall –  there’s never a bad time or place to teach children how to properly wash their hands. 

It is important for everyone to practice effective hand washing – whether you’re a grown up or child! Washing your hands properly is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and infection, helping kids to stay healthy to ensure they don’t miss any school and so they can carry on daily life as normal. 

Due to the nature of interactions with other kids alongside use of shared equipment, toys and stationery in schools and other settings, the risk of children catching an illness can be high.  Hand washing is key to prevention but so too is education.  Children often need to be provided with gentle reminders about washing their hands, and turning these reminders into fun games, songs or colourful posters can help turn these reminders into healthy habits.

This is where our free hand washing for children poster can help. By displaying this poster across your facilities and restrooms, you are educating and encouraging children to regularly practice good hand hygiene to best protect themselves and everyone around them.


Download Citron’s Free ‘Hand Washing for Children’ Poster

Citron Hygiene cares about the health and safety of others and want to create hygienic habits that can benefit both individuals and organizations. Our ‘Hand Washing for Kids’ poster is therefore free for you to download and print, ensuring you can help children learn how to best wash their hands. Download and print your free posters today!


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