Boost Your Business with Period-Positive Washrooms: Inclusivity Leads to Success

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Updated on February 28, 2024

Why Creating a Period Positive Washroom Will Bring You More Business

As a business operator or facilities manager, you’re dedicated to helping your company make the best choices to bring in business and achieve a higher gross revenue.

Part of that includes making sure your employees are happy and productive in the process.

Happy employees lead to lower attrition rates, and high job satisfaction equals better performance.

But what does it mean to make sure your employees are happy at work, if you have a diverse team? And what does having a period positive washroom have to do with it?

Well, we’ll tell you.

By the end of this article you’ll know:

  1. How period positive washrooms benefit businesses
  2. How to create a period positive washroom in your workplace
  3. How to maintain your period positive washroom

Let’s get to it.

What does it mean to have a period positive washroom?

Briefly, we’ll explain what a period positive washroom actually IS so that we’re all on the same page.

Period positive washrooms are those that:

  • Provide menstruation products for girls, women and gender-diverse menstruators, in the same way that your business provides toilet paper, soap, and hand towels.
  • Have hygienic menstrual waste disposal options inside washrooms or stalls.
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These small additions help your washrooms to be comfortable, accommodating, and inclusive.

How do period positive washrooms benefit your business?

Providing free menstrual products to your staff is an inclusive bonus you can add to any job contract under “benefits.” Who doesn’t love to see that their employer values them enough to take care of their basic needs while at work?

But, creating a period positive washroom goes beyond basic benefits.

1 in 5 menstruators have missed work due to period poverty, which has led to some researchers deeming period poverty a public health crisis.

Providing your employees with menstrual products will help keep your employees in the office more often, and save your company money due to an excess of absent days.

Worried about the sick days your business will have to manage during cold and flu season? We have some tips for you to keep things business as usual!

Period poverty impacts job performance and concentration

Period poverty has a greater impact on someone’s workday than you might think.

When your mind is on whether or not your menstrual product is going to survive without leaking while you’re at work – and you forgot to bring a backup!! – your concentration is diverted from the job at hand and your stress levels may be high.

Period positive restrooms mean that your colleagues and employees don’t have to stress about whether their products will last through the day.

Providing for your employee’s basic needs builds trust, and tells your employees that you value their work for your company.

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Making sure your washrooms are inclusive demonstrates that your workplace supports a diverse team – and diversity is the key to increased revenue! We’ll tell you why, below.

Period positive washrooms are also great for keeping your students, staff and colleagues at work without worrying about the cost of menstrual products.

Research shows: women in high-level positions at work will help your business thrive

It’s good for your business to make things comfortable for your female employees.

It’s been known for a few years now that companies with women in high-ranking leadership positions make more money, with a 15% boost to profitability compared to companies with male-dominated corporate staff teams.

This is a profit trend that smart businesses have taken notice of around the world – and the benefits to financial growth are visible.

According to the 2021 Credit Suisse report, there has been a global increase of women in corporate boardroom positions by 24%, and a 20% increase of women in C-suite senior management positions – and the financial benefits are huge. 

How to create a period positive washroom in your workplace

For example – menstruators need specific waste disposal options for their used products.

Imagine having to carry your used toilet paper across the room to the corner of a washroom where the garbage bin sits? No one wants to do that – which is why you need hygiene menstrual waste disposal options available directly in your workplace washroom stalls.

It’s also beneficial to your female employees and colleagues to have menstrual product dispensers available at the office for use.

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Have you ever left the house for work and forgotten something at home?

Sometimes the thing you forgot isn’t urgent and you can make it through the day without worrying. Menstrual products are not one of those things. It’s important to have fresh menstrual products in place throughout the day if you don’t want to experience mild to serious health concerns.

Learn more about hygienic menstrual hygiene disposal management and period dignity in public washrooms

How to maintain your period positive washrooms

Call Citron Hygiene for a free consultation on your washroom hygiene, and let us handle the maintenance of your period positive washrooms.

Citron Hygiene, along with organizations like and Aunt Flow, are committed to helping businesses create period positive spaces for menstruating professionals around the world, and combating period poverty.

Citron Hygiene is your solution to touch-free products, washroom tech maintenance, product refill supply, and other hygiene services to keep your washrooms clean and hygienic all year round.

Contact one of our friendly reps today!

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