Restroom-Finding Apps Could Bring in the Customers

Updated on December 15, 2023

Everyone has been there during a visit to a new or familiar city, while leisurely strolling around, and suddenly, they need to GO.

Many Americans and tourists visiting the United States have found themselves in this situation. It is especially prominent in New York City, as there are up to 30,000 citations of public urination every year due to its lack of public bathrooms. In Maryland, there is a public restroom legislation that states anyone who suffers from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or any other inflammatory bowel disease, or any other medical condition that requires immediate access to a toilet facility; or utilizes an ostomy device must be allowed access to a business’s restrooms, whether they are for public use or not. Finding a facility can be tricky for anyone, but a solution to this problem that is gaining popularity is the restroom-finding app. There are over 50 apps worldwide that are dedicated to this cause and thousands of users have downloaded them.

What does it mean for businesses?

Assuming that restrooms are not just for customers only, businesses will have more than just their target population to prepare for; they can also expect the general public to be their restroom-only customers. These apps display a map of one’s current location and the establishments that allow public use of their facilities. Allowing more than just patrons to use their restrooms could help businesses to reach potential new customers. Many apps prompt users to leave reviews in order to help others pick a bathroom, and most people do. Broadly speaking, approximately 50% of individuals warn their family and friends about unsanitary restroom experiences. If accommodations are inadequate, a bad review could be written for all users to see. On the other hand, more positive reviews could mean more paying customers in the future.

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How can businesses be prepared?

Several of these apps, like Sit or Squat, Toilet Finder, and Bathroom Scout include filters that allow people to search based on their restroom needs, such as baby changing accommodations, cleanliness, and handicap accessibility. Breaking down the types of potential restroom-only customers into a few categories can help prepare your bathrooms.


Women have specific hygiene needs that must be addressed. Sanitary vending machines can be a huge relief when there is an unexpected female emergency. It can be especially helpful to tourists, who may be appreciative of the time saved by not having to find the nearest drug store, or who are unfamiliar with a city and do not know where the closest one is. Sanitary disposal service is equally necessary. A touch-free unit that conceals and treats waste is the safest and most hygienic place to throw used pads and tampons away, as it protects users and cleaning staff from bloodborne pathogens. Providing an adequate receptacle together with an instruction label also ensures that no one will attempt to flush pads and tampons down the toilet, which can later clog pipes, cause toilets to become out-of-service, and be expensive to fix.

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Menƒ??s rooms need to be equipped to handle unpleasant smells, splatter, staining, and wet floors. These problems are often caused by urinal usage but can be solved with a few extra measures. Urinal screens, ideal for both conventional and waterless urinals, reduce odor and splash-back, helping to keep the surrounding area fresh and dry. Absorbent polypropylene mats underneath the urinals will catch spills to ensure a dry surface while preventing slip and fall accidents, eliminating damage to the floor, and controlling odors caused by uric acid.

Family restrooms are the most demanding, as they need to be able to accommodate both parents and their children. The previously discussed male and female necessities need to be available to keep these bathrooms clean and safe. Most importantly, there need to be baby-changing products. Parents often rely on these family rooms for their baby-changing tables. In addition, businesses can improve the experience by including a diaper disposal service and a child safety seat. Having convenient places to throw away dirty diapers and to put their energetic toddlers can make bathroom breaks much easier for everyone.

Appearance and smell are important to users and could cost establishments good reviews. New customers can be immediately offended by your restrooms if they are hit with unpleasant odor or filthy presentation as soon as they walk in. Touch-free appliances, like automatic flush systems, faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers minimize cross-contamination and unsightly messes. Installing an air freshener that is the appropriate size for the room will ensure customers only notice pleasant scents. Inline sanitizer paired with auto-flush systems can help to eliminate while cleaning and sanitizing the bowl after each use.

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With the new restroom-finder apps available today, businesses need to be ready for the extra guests, even if they are just there to make a quick pit stop. Creating a positive restroom experience could earn good reviews from app users, which could later turn into new customers. Prepare your facilities and expect almost anyone to walk in. This will not only make your bathroom users happy, but will be keep your new and current customers feeling appreciated too.

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