Citron Hygiene Hygeia Petite White Menstrual Hygiene Unit

Hygeia Petite™ Menstrual Hygiene Disposal Unit

Compact, Safe & Stylish Disposal Unit

  • Hygienic & Safe Disposal Solution
  • Innovative, touchless & Discrete Menstrual Care Disposal System
  • Wall-mounted design to utilize space in small restrooms
  • Each unit contains Actiwipe™ germicide for added safety
  • Servicing on a pre-determined fixed schedule by Citron Certified Technicians

Touch-Free Menstrual Disposal Units for Smaller Restrooms

Citron Hygiene’s innovative, touch-free menstrual hygiene disposal system unit Hygeia Petite™ is designed to reduce cross-infection risks from blood waste and provide a hygienic and pleasant experience in small restrooms. Improper disposal methods such as open garbage cans, wall boxes or flushing the sanitary waste down the toilet can not only heighten the risk of infectious bacteria found in menstrual waste that could lead to significant health concerns but can often lead to costly plumbing issues for the business.

The Hygeia Petite™ is ideal to improve utilization of space in small restrooms and with an innovative opening the Hygeia Petite™ offers unobstructed depositing ensuring the waste falls evenly while minimizing sight into the unit to maximize restroom hygiene. For added safety, all Citron’s disposal systems include Citron’s exclusive Health Canada registered Actiwipe™ germicide designed specifically to treat sanitary waste. 

Speak to our team to find out more about the menstrual hygiene services or browse our complete range of personal hygiene waste disposal systems to find the right solution for your restrooms.

Service Program Details

At Citron Hygiene, we pride ourselves in providing innovative, high quality solutions that suit the specific needs of you and your organization, exclusive CitronSync™ is your guarantee of service. Our team of Citron Certified Technicians will arrange a flexible pre-determined service schedule to collect and remove waste from your premises discretely. 

Product Specifications

  • Unit Colour: White or Black
  • Wrap Options: Customizable
  • Activation: Motion-activated Chip
  • Dimensions (Auto) H: 42 cm, W: 25.3 cm, D: 17.7 cm
  • Volume: 7 Liter / 1.8 gallon
  • Sustainability: Unit Recycled at end of useful life

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