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Introducing Hygeia, the innovative and touch free solution for discreet and dignified tampon and sanitary napkin waste disposal. Designed with a focus on hygiene, style, and convenience, Hygeia sanitary bins revolutionizes the way we manage menstrual hygiene in bathrooms. Say goodbye to odors, minimize risks from blood-borne pathogens, and provide a safe and comfortable experience for everyone who uses and services your commercial facilities.

Why Choose Hygeia Sanitary Bins?

Hygeia offers a revolutionary touchless menstrual care disposal unit that combines convenience, hygiene, environmental sustainability, privacy, health, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. By choosing Hygeia, you’re embracing a superior alternative that simplifies the menstrual waste management process while promoting a cleaner and healthier future for both yourself and the planet.


With Hygeia, we’ve eliminated the need for direct contact, ensuring a truly touchless experience. Our advanced technology allows for hygienic disposal without compromising convenience. Simply wave your hand over the sensor, and Hygeia will automatically open, providing a discreet and effortless disposal process.


Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount. Hygeia incorporates Actiwipe germicide in every unit, adding an extra layer of safety and protection against harmful bacteria and germs. You can trust that our system goes above and beyond to ensure optimal hygiene standards.


At Hygeia, we understand the value of space in washroom facilities. Our sleek and stylish design maximizes efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics. Say goodbye to bulky disposal units that take up unnecessary room. Hygeia’s compact design allows you to optimize your washroom space while still providing a reliable solution for menstrual hygiene management.


Hygeia not only saves space but also helps you cut down on plumbing costs. Our innovative system prevents the common issues associated with flushing tampons and sanitary napkins, which can lead to plumbing blockages and costly repairs. By providing a dedicated disposal unit, you can rest assured knowing that your plumbing system is protected, and your maintenance expenses are minimized.

Menstrual Equity

Create a welcoming and period positive environment that supports menstrual equity. Hygeia allows you to demonstrate your commitment to providing a dignified solution for menstrual hygiene management. By offering a discreet and hygienic disposal unit, you show your dedication to inclusivity and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and supported in your washroom facilities.

Who Can Benefit from Hygeia Sanitary Disposal Units?

Public Washrooms

Hygeia is ideal for public washrooms in various settings such as restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping malls, airports, schools, universities, and healthcare facilities. It provides a hygienic and convenient solution for menstrual hygiene management, ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for all users.

Businesses and Organizations

Any business or organization that values hygiene and wants to create a welcoming environment can benefit from Hygeia Tampon & Waste Disposal Container. It demonstrates a commitment to providing a dignified solution for menstrual hygiene and promotes inclusivity and gender equality.

Facility Managers

Facility managers responsible for maintaining washrooms can benefit from Hygeia’s touchless and space-saving design. It simplifies maintenance tasks by reducing the risk of plumbing issues associated with flushing tampons and sanitary napkins. Hygeia also helps in minimizing waste removal risks and saves on plumbing costs.

Event Organizers

Hygeia is a valuable addition to event venues and temporary facilities where public washrooms are set up. It ensures that attendees have access to a hygienic and discreet solution for menstrual hygiene management during events and gatherings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hygeia incorporates advanced touchless technology for safe disposal of sanitary waste – pads and tampons allowing users to use the sensor to open the unit automatically. This touch-free operation eliminates the need for direct contact, providing a hygienic and convenient disposal process.

Hygeia units are equipped with Actiwipe germicide, which helps eliminate odors and provides an additional layer of protection against blood-borne pathogens. This ensures a fresh and hygienic environment for everyone using the washroom.

Yes, by utilizing a dedicated sanitary disposal unit like Hygeia, you can prevent plumbing issues caused by flushing tampons and sanitary napkins. This proactive approach helps avoid plumbing blockages and costly repairs, saving you money in the long run.

Hygeia promotes menstrual equity by providing a dignified solution for menstrual hygiene management. By offering a discreet and hygienic disposal unit, you demonstrate inclusivity and support for menstrual health, creating a welcoming environment for all washroom guests.

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