Infographic: Metal Wall Boxes VS. Touch-Free Menstrual Disposal

Stainless-steel metal wall boxes are outdated and contribute to an unhygienic washroom. Not only do they harbour harmful viruses like COVID-19 for up to 3 days, they also overfill quickly and cause malodours that can leave a lasting bad impression on customers. This infographic outlines the benefits of switching from the metal wall box to touch-free menstrual disposal.

Why Switch to Citron Hygiene’s Menstrual Waste Disposal Units

Upgrading to Citron’s touch-free menstrual disposal service gives you:

  • an automatic unit
  • a unit equipped with ActiWipe- a germicide to treat the waste and control odours
  • a Citron Certified Technician who will collect the waste, clean the unit, and ensure it never overflows
  • a report showing how much waste your facility diverts and helps convert to energy every month


To enquire about out menstrual care disposal solutions, Contact us today for a quote, or call us at 800.643.6922.

Not quite ready to contact? In the meantime, why not read our complete guide to Menstrual Hygiene to explore the other benefits of providing effective waste disposal solutions. 

everything you need to know about menstrual hygiene infographic

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