Commercial Air Freshner (Canada Only)

AromAire: The Superior Choice for Fresher Air

Reimagine the ambiance of your indoor spaces with AromAire, a cutting-edge commercial air freshener crafted to combat the toughest odors in the most challenging environments.AromAire stands out as the go-to choice for a broad spectrum of commercial areas, particularly the ones more susceptible to bad odors like high-traffic restrooms, waste-holding units, garbage rooms, gymnasiums, and recycling zones.

Why Choose AromAire

Advanced Odor

With its unique chemistry and innovative dispensing system, AromAire releases fragrance oils as a vapor mist, ensuring the effective elimination of malodors. This makes your facility feel welcoming, while also ensuring walls remain spotless and undamaged.

in Freshness

AromAire is meticulously designed by Citron Hygiene to discharge a consistent amount of air-neutralizing formula, ensuring a persistently pleasant smell, even in the busiest zones.

Safe and

Unlike traditional air fresheners that often leave a damp residue, AromAire promises a light and dry mist, ensuring no damage to your walls and paint.

Designed for
Tough Environments

Especially crafted to meet the demands of places like gym facilities, waste-disposal units, and high-traffic washrooms, AromAire is your robust solution to maintain a refreshing atmosphere.

Who Can Benefit from the AromAire?

AromAire can be used for ambiance enhancement and odour control in challenging areas like washrooms, waste-holding rooms, and larger areas.


Elevate the mood of your workspace, ensuring employees and visitors enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Public Facilities

Maintain a fresh ambiance in bus stations, train stations, airports, and other public places.

Gym Facilities

Ensure a refreshing workout environment for all members.

Waste Facilities

Neutralize unpleasant smells in garbage and recycling areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike conventional air fresheners that might leave a wet residue, AromAire uses a unique blend of chemistry to release a dry vapor mist of fragrance oils, ensuring effective odor neutralization without harming wall paints.

Absolutely! AromAire is versatile and can be used in any commercial environment, from offices and public spaces to gyms and waste disposal areas.

The frequency of refill depends on the usage and the environment. We recommend checking the system regularly to ensure consistent performance.

Find out how we can elevate your washroom experience today.

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