Care Solutions

Provide relief and comfort to support the millions of people who experience urinary incontinence and are looking for hygienic disposal solutions.


Provide a solution to a common issue

Urinary incontinence may not be spoken about, but it’s common. Provide discreet and sanitary disposal options.

Keep odours away & reduce infection

Proper diaper waste disposal systems reduce malodorous and cross-infection risks.

Build Inclusive

1 in 4 Americans struggle with incontinence and as the population ages this will increase. Provide solutions for all ages and stages.

Incontinence Care

Reliable | Stress-free | Expert care

From installation to routine, reliable servicing, our Citron Hygiene certified technicians will take care of it all, so you don’t have to!

  • Choose a flexible service schedule
  • Expect consistently clean systems
  • Rely on maintained and functioning units
  • Stay safe with expert waste removal

Common Questions

Our Incontinence Disposal is a service, units cannot be purchased and serviced in-house. Our service efficiently maintains each unit in your facility at a frequency that best suits your business. Having units serviced by Citron Hygiene means a Citron Hygiene Certified Technician who is trained to handle biological waste is safely collecting and diverting the waste from your facility.

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