Best Tork Paper Towel Dispenser

Tork – Global No.1 Hygiene Brand

  • Paper products for workplaces including toilet paper and paper towels
  • Reduce cross-contamination
  • Improve hygiene standards
  • Green dispensing
  • High capacity for commercial environments
  • Controlled consumption
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Sleek, aesthetic designs

Citron’s Variety Of Bathroom Paper Towel Dispensers

For your business to meet expectations of service and present the right impression to your guests, employees and visitors who use your restrooms, it’s vitally important to be providing products such as paper towels and toilet paper.

No-one should have to go without essential items such as toilet paper. Whether you’re looking to modernize your restroom with the latest aesthetic restroom technology or aiming to encourage hygiene excellence across your facilities, we supply and service a wide range of Tork products to suit your businesses aims, restroom space and budget.

Tork products include sleek, modern solutions that allow for improved hygiene standards while reducing cross-contamination risks. From touch-free, space-saving designs to ‘one-at-a-time’ dispensing features which minimize waste and save business costs, the Tork range ensures all who come and go have positive restroom experiences.

Quality Paper Towels & Dispensers for Hand Drying

Citron’s range of paper towels and dispensers provide an effective hand drying method where electric drying isn’t available. The products adopt clean, modern designs which compliment all restroom décors along with translucent, high impact covers for visual inspection and refills, and protection against breakage. The high-level water resistance dispensers are built to withstand wet environments and do not require removal during spray-downs, keeping refills safe and hygienic for every use.

Our range of modern dispensers feature solutions for universal paper rolls or premium soft roll to touch-free dispensers. With the Citron range you can mix and match what you need to meet your business’ needs while we can provide expert guidance to help you get the right solutions.

Various Toilet Paper Dispensers & Rolls

Citron’s toilet paper dispenser range features easy-to-use, efficiently designed dispensers so that all users can utilize the products effectively. With controlled consumption, these dispensers reduce waste and help to create a tidy, hygienic restroom environment.

Our range includes dispensers of different sizes suitable for jumbo rolls, mini jumbo toilet tissue, and conventional toilet rolls which can all be supplied separately.

Paper Napkin Dispensers for Use in Hospitality Areas

Citron Hygiene also supplies compact and modern paper napkin dispensers, ideal for restaurants that offer napkins at the table, delivering them one-at-a-time and reducing waste. They help to improve hygiene and reduce napkin consumption by at least 25% when compared to traditional dispenser napkin systems.

Fixed Schedule Servicing with Citron Hygiene’s Tork Restroom Solutions

At Citron, our restroom products can be serviced and refilled on a reliable fixed schedule basis, so you can rest assured you’ll never run out. This guarantees a regular restroom top up with expert solutions to encourage proper restroom hygiene.

Our CitronSync technology offers a guarantee of service. Get in touch with the Citron Hygiene team today to find out more about our hygiene solutions or explore our range below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Citron Hygiene offers different service frequencies so businesses can select the one that works best for them. Standard service frequencies are weekly, every 14 days, every 28 days, and every 56 days.  Customers with various locations can select different frequencies for each building. Frequencies can be adjusted as needed.

All Citron services are performed by Citron Certified Technicians (CCT’s). To help us ensure service quality and consistency, all technicians go through our rigorous Citron Certified Technician training program before entering the field.

All Citron Certified Technicians have undergone COVID-19 training to ensure the safety of all our customers and employees. In addition,  Citron vehicles and offices are regularly disinfected, and front-line personnel is equipped with the appropriate PPE.

Citron Hygiene has offices in Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland and Canada. Find your local Citron Hygiene service branch. To see if your business is in our service area, contact us at 800-643-6922.