Guide d’achat d’un assainisseur d’air

Updated on mars 16, 2023

Le sens de l’odorat peut profiter grandement aux entreprises. L’odeur a un grand impact sur la perception du client; une enquête a révélé que 71 % des clients estiment que les odeurs sont le signe de mauvaises pratiques de nettoyage. Cette perception diminue les chances qu’ils reviennent dans votre établissement.

La partie du cerveau qui perçoit les odeurs est reliée à celles qui contrôlent les émotions et l’apprentissage associatif, ce qui veut dire que les odeurs peuvent rapidement devenir associées à certains endroits et événements, et provoquer des réactions émotionnelles.

L’odeur élude également le sens du jugement et de l’interprétation lorsqu’elle est perçue, ce qui en fait le meilleur indicateur de propreté. Prévenir les odeurs ou les mauvaises odeurs dans votre établissement est extrêmement important, et choisir le bon assainisseur d’air est tout aussi essentiel.

Il existe de nombreux facteurs à envisager lors du choix d’un assainisseur d’air puisque l’installation d’une unité au mauvais endroit peut créer des problèmes voire empêcher d’enrayer ceux qui existent déjà.

Prévenir les odeurs ou les mauvaises odeurs dans votre établissement est extrêmement important, et choisir le bon assainisseur d’air est tout aussi essentiel.

Size and type of room e.g., is it a restroom, garbage room or kitchen

Are you looking for an air freshener solution for an area as small as a single-occupant restroom, communal kitchen space or even an area as large as a warehouse? The size and type of room will determine which air care solution you need to effectively neutralize the air and efficiently ensure odor control.

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Fragrance sensitivities

Before choosing an air freshener, you’ll need to determine whether anyone in the proximity has sensitivities to certain fragrances. If so, scent-free neutralizers may be the best solution for your facilities.

Level of malodour

>Does the room you wish to freshen have a high level of malodour to neutralize such as a garbage room or a restroom that may require continuous levels of malodour control.


With continuous use in the workplace, finding a sustainable, high-quality air care solution is important not just to save the business money but for the environment. Before choosing the right solution, find out more about how sustainable the system is, how long will it last with continuous use and how can it be recycled at the end of its use?

Amount of airflow

How much airflow does your facility have? Rooms with plenty of windows that allow for a decent level of airflow will require a different type of air care solution compared to enclosed areas with little access to fresh air.

Commercial Air Care Solutions from Citron Hygiene

Citron Hygiene offers various commercial air freshening solutions for all different kinds of spaces, ranging from as small as a single-occupant restroom, as large as a warehouse, or with odors as concentrated as a waste-holding area. The majority of our air care system units are sustainable choices as they are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), have recyclable components, and are recycled at the end of their useful lives.

As smell is often remembered two times longer than what we see and hear, we recognized the importance of scent and the impact it can have on customer service and experience. This is why most of our automatic air freshener dispensers come with a variety of scents as well as a scent-free neutralizer to allow you to regularly change up the fragrances within your space.

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Changing the fragrance periodically avoids fragrance fatigue amongst your staff and visitors, meaning your facility will always smell fresh and clean. The scent-free neutralizers are designed to effectively control malodours without irritating those with sensitivities or allergies.

Air Fresheners for Small Spaces

Our EcoAire™ and FreshAire™ (right) air care solutions are made for rooms that are no larger than 6,000 cubic feet. The EcoAire™ is the milder option of the two, as it uses the airflow to continuously remove malodours and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air, making it the ideal choice for rooms with low ceilings but good levels of airflow. Alternatively, the FreshAire™ system is battery-powered and most effective in environments with low-to-medium airflow.

While both units would work well in small restrooms (approximately 1-5 stalls), the EcoAire™ is the ideal choice for a single-occupancy facility. Equally as powerful, the SaniZone™ is designed to improve the hygiene conditions of your facility by effectively treating air and surfaces, purifying them of all bacteria and impurities making it a great solution for heavy traffic areas such as restrooms, meeting rooms, receptions and more.

Air Care Solutions Large, Busy Places

When it comes to larger environments, a stronger air care solution is required to effectively eliminate bad malodours and improve the quality of air to prevent cross-contamination from harmful bacteria or viruses that could be airborne. Our air care systems are not only designed to keep your facility smelling great but to continuously improve airflow by treating the air people breathe, providing a safe environment and ensuring the health and well-being of all who come and go, comes first.

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Banquet halls, common areas, and restrooms with five stalls or more, especially those with poor air circulation, are all environments where a hard-working air care system like the Ultraire™ is required. The Ultraire™ wall mounted air care solution provides 20,000 cubic feet of coverage to prevent malodours, neutralize the air, and keep the air hygienic to prevent the spread of infection among large groups of people. The system is also compliant with the California Air Resources Board regulations.

The Difference Between Air Fresheners & Commercial Air Purification

Citron Hygiene also supplies a range of commercial air purifiers that do more than just your regular air freshener. Most air fresheners are effective at removing bad smells and adding a pleasant scent to the room with some germs also removed in the process for cleaner, fresher air.

However, air purification takes things to a new level. Air purifiers such as our Jade Unit or SaniZone unit not only eliminate bad smells but create a safer environment as they utilize powerful technologies to remove germs, bacteria, allergens and other microbes from the air too.

Of course, air freshening solutions are still important however for additional safety, use in conjunction with purification too.

Browse our Complete Range of Commercial Air Fresheners

Now is the time to take air care seriously for safer, more hygienic workplaces. Browse our complete range of high quality, effective commercial air freshener dispensers to find the right one for your business. Or discover more restroom hygiene solutions from Citron.

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