Improving Air Quality with The Jade – A Powerful Commercial Air Purifier

Since the covid-19 pandemic, prioritizing your workplace’s indoor air quality has been more important than ever before. Poor air quality can cause particles such as viruses and bacteria to spread illness and infection and over time, lead to health problems that may affect your heart and lungs. Dust, allergens and other microbes in the air can also lead to the workplace being an unpleasant environment, which in turn has an impact on productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Citron Hygiene recognized the need to provide solutions that would help businesses improve their air quality and ensure all who come and go are breathing in clean, healthy air. This is why we worked with Surgically Clean Air to launch the Jade Air Purifier, a solution that is designed for use in sectors including healthcare, hospitality, education, recreation, property management, industrial and manufacturing.

Helping Your Business Save Costs & Create Healthier Air

Led by Leanne Lynch, General Manager for Ontario West Citron Hygiene, and Doug Eaton, the COO of Surgically Clean Air, this webinar provides information on our latest air care solution and how it can help your business enhance its indoor air quality and save cleaning costs, at the same time.
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