Citron Hygiene's commercial hand soap dispenser

Commercial Hand Soap Dispensers

Luxurious Skin Care Products

  • Attractive, wall-mounted design
  • Touch-free dispenser
  • Luxurious foam soap
  • Refilled on a pre-determined schedule

Encourage Proper Hand Hygiene with Effective Dispensers

Hands are the main pathway for the transmission of harmful germs, and good hand hygiene practices are often overlooked by many. Not just limited to covid-19, around 80% of common infections are spread by hand, meaning the potential for cross-contamination within your workplace is incredibly high, placing even greater importance on hand hygiene to prevent the spread of illness both now and in the future. The provision of commercial hand soap dispensers within your organization can help protect against infection and minimize the risk of sick leave resulting from cross-contamination.

Citron Hygiene’s hand soap consists of a luxurious foam formulation that will delight your employees and guests while being kind to their skin. Set the standards for quality and reliability within your organization with our attractive wall-mounted dispensing systems. Being a sensor operated commercial soap dispenser ensures a truly touchless experience, minimizing points of contact and risk of cross-contamination. Dispensing just the right amount of soap to its users ensures sufficient hygiene is being practiced, while simultaneously helping to minimize costs by eliminating overuse.

Efficient Hand Soap Refill Service for Businesses

Ensure your organization is always protected and able to practice proper hygiene with Citron Hygiene’s service program. Citron Certified technicians will refill your dispenser on a pre-determined, flexible schedule that will work around your business’ needs, giving you peace of mind that your facilities are always adequately equipped. 

Enquire about Citron’s Commercial Hand Soap Solutions 

Improper hand hygiene can create sickness in the workplace and lead to reduced productivity and absenteeism. Ensure you are providing the necessary hand hygiene facilities within your business to reduce the spread of illness. Enquire about our Hand Soap services and take a step towards demonstrating your commitment to health and well-being within your organization.