Hand Hygiene Services & Products For Your Facility

Giving good hygiene a hand
  • Paper and soap dispensing systems
  • Prevent the spread of illness-causing germs
  • Reduce waste with output control
  • Recognized distributor of Dyson Hand Dryers
  • Brand-trusted Purell® hand sanitizer
  • Vendor-managed inventory programs available

Make Hand Hygiene a Number One Priority

With a recent focus on how practising effective hand hygiene can help in reducing infection transmission, is your business equipped with the right products and supplies? Hand hygiene should be a number one priority for every business in order to show your guests and employees you care about their hygiene and well-being and, give them peace of mind that your facility is safe.

High-Quality Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

No matter what sort of business you own, providing the right solutions to encourage great hand hygiene is more important than ever before. Citron Hygiene offers a range of solutions to help you achieve just that. From high quality hand soap and paper dispensers to hand dryers and hand sanitizers, with our helping hand you’ll feel equipped to welcome all into a safe environment.

Fragrance-Free Antibacterial Soap For Your Facility

Citron offer a range of hand hygiene dispenser solutions from touchless automation options for ultimate hygiene to Tork PeakServe Mini. With Citron’s expert soap and dispenser range, you can encourage proper hand hygiene in your organization with dispensers to suit all business needs.

Find out more about our Automatic Soap Dispensers. 

Where soap and water is not available, we also offer a range of commercial hand sanitizer solutions and we are recognized distributors of Purell hand sanitizers and dispensers. 

Hands-Free Dyson Hand Dryers

Handwashing is important in tackling the spread of infection but so too is hand drying. As recognized distributors of Dyson hand dryers, Citron Hygiene can be your one stop shop for all your hand hygiene needs. Dyson dryers are a fast, efficient and hygienic hand drying solution and as an added bonus they use 80% less energy which can save your business money. It’s a win win.  They emit totally clean air and in combination with a pair of clean hands creates the most hygienic washroom environment.

Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

With our vendor managed inventory programs, we can ensure you are always protected with the essentials you need. What makes Citron different? We deliver. Citron’s Certified Technicians are committed to offering you a reliable hygiene service and will refill all your dispensers on your premises on a pre-determined schedule. With the CitronCare approach, we will never leave you running short giving you peace of mind at all times.

Get a Helping Hand from Citron Hygiene

Let us help you build a healthier space in your organization with our range of hand care solutions. To discuss your hygiene needs, get in touch with the team at Citron Hygiene.

Person handwashing with soap and water

Discover Citron’s Hand Hygiene Solutions !

Frequently Asked Questions

Citron Hygiene offers different service frequencies so businesses can select the one that works best for them. Standard service frequencies are weekly, every 14 days, every 28 days, and every 56 days.  Customers with various locations can select different frequencies for each building. Frequencies can be adjusted as needed.

All Citron services are performed by Citron Certified Technicians (CCT’s). To help us ensure service quality and consistency, all technicians go through our rigorous Citron Certified Technician training program before entering the field.

All Citron Certified Technicians have undergone COVID-19 training to ensure the safety of all our customers and employees. In addition,  Citron vehicles and offices are regularly disinfected, and front-line personnel is equipped with the appropriate PPE.

Citron Hygiene has offices in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and North America. Find your local Citron Hygiene service branch here. To see if your business is in our service area, contact us at 800.643.6922.