Citron Hygiene Aromairebig commercial air freshener

AromAire™ Air Care System

Breathe Easy

  • Effective & reliable performance
  • Positive perceptions and improved guest/employee experience
  • Consistent Air Quality
  • Ideal solution for odour control in large spaces
  • Targets malodours at the source leaving a fresh, clean scent
  • Servicing on a pre-determined fixed schedule by Citron Certified Technicians

Why Your Workplace Needs an Aircare System

Unpleasant smells can quickly overpower an office environment and even the cleanest of washrooms can come across bad malodours. Did you know that new studies are linking smell to how productive we are at work and how it can affect the overall morale in the office? Odours can have a dramatic impact on our mood which naturally effects how we think and act. The good news is that while malodours are unavoidable, they can be tackled with an efficient washroom air care solution. AromAire™ distributes fragrance oils into the targeted environment through a vapour mist to effectively combat malodours and keep your facility smelling fresh. Unlike traditional systems that can often produce a wet and heavy spray, AromAire™ uses its unique blend of chemistry and innovative dispensing system to release fragrance oils into the air to eliminate odour molecules, without any damage to walls paint.

While the average person visits the washroom 6-8 times per day, providing good air quality is essential to promoting a clean and healthy image in your facility. Citron Hygiene has specifically designed AromAire™ to continually release an effective amount of air neutralizing formula into the targeted area to provide your facilities with consistent air quality for a positive smelling washroom! Explore our complete range and see how we can improve your facilities’ washroom hygiene.

Your Solution for Large Area Odour Control

Ideal for all types of commercial environments our AromAire™ commercial air freshener can be used for ambient enhancement in any large areas or in challenging indoor areas such as waste-holding facilities, garbage rooms, recycling areas, gym facilities and more, to name a few. The perfect solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

Speak to our team to find out more about the Citron AromAire™ Air Care System or explore our complete range of commercial air care solutions.

Service Program Details

At Citron Hygiene, we pride ourselves in providing relevant, high quality solutions that suit the specific needs of you and your organization. Our team of Citron Certified Technicians will work with you to determine a service schedule that works for your business to minimize disruption and manage all the necessary replacements.

All our dispensers are installed by our team of Citron Certified Technicians and service includes all equipment free of charge making our service highly cost-effective for businesses.

Product Specifications

  • Unit Colour: Black
  • Main Unit Dimensions: H: 33 cm, W: 35cm, D: 16.5cm
  • Satellite Dimensions: H: 31cm, W: 12.5cm, D: 10.2cm
  • Fragrance Options: Natural Scent
  • Power / Electrical Requirements: AromAire™ has 1 main control unit and can power up to 6 satellites for additional coverage areas by plugging into a wall outlet.

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