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Washroom Hygiene - Citron Hygiene

Building healthy spacesTM

Citron Hygiene has spent the last 40 years earning the trust of the world’s most prestigious clients, one customer at a time.

We provide solutions that encompass washroom hygiene, pest control, warewashing and chemical and life safety products and services to ensure building owners and managers can address their facility’s needs.

Our global reach, expanding network of world-class partners, product and service breadth, training, and experience make us a valued partner for companies of all shapes and sizes.

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Citron Hygiene - What We Do


Great companies start with great people.

Citron is a people first organization. Which is to say, we would be nothing without our team of professionally-trained and Citron Certified Technicians. Citron Hygiene is first and foremost a service business and a service business requires people with the skills and acumen to maintain more than just a healthy space. In a word, our people care about what they do. Their pride and commitment doesn’t just attract the very best customers, it keeps them loyal for years to come.

This is driven in part by our Customer Success Team, who continuously work toward bettering how and what we deliver to our valued base of customers every day. With ongoing staff training, valuing tenured employees, investing in new technology, and rigorous quality control practices, we can confidently serve you as well as you deserve.

Because we care.

Citron Hygiene has served tens of thousands of customers for over 40 years, providing every customer with the attention as if they were our only. Our reliable reputation, environmentally friendly corporate goals, and the breadth of our product range make us a leading service partner for organizations across North America. We take care of your facility and brand image so that you can focus on the bigger stuff. We call that CitronCareTM.

Customers – Your needs and goals drive us.

Accountability – We honour our commitments using tracking and reporting processes.

Respect – For you, our partners, the environment, and the community.

Experience – We know what we’re doing, and we have the certification to prove it.

Solving your company’s needs one step at a time.

Delivering on our promise of building healthy spaces begins with great people, but it doesn’t stop there. Our comprehensive approach requires three more important factors.

  1. The first is a complete portfolio of world-class products and services. It’s taken decades to build Citron’s network of trusted, top-tier vendors and partners. They help make us what we are and we treat them accordingly.
  2. The second is a full complement of proprietary processes and innovations. When you love what you do, you never grow tired of looking for better ways to accomplish difficult tasks. Citron’s list of improvements is a constant source of pride and cocktail party banter. (You’ve been warned.)
  3. The third and final component is of course, you. A company like ours can never have enough customers like you. No less than 50% of our business comes through referrals from customers like you. Citron’s word of mouth is the envy of the category and we guard and nurture it with our lives.

Expect excellent service

We won’t send just anybody to do our work. All technicians joining the Citron team are onboarded with our one month training program to become a Citron Certified Technician (CCT). This program focuses on our systems, in field processes, and procedures and ensures that Citron values are imbedded in their work habits. The CCT program ensures your facility and your people are cared for thoroughly to the high standard of service you should expect. Every time.

Ours is a process made to measure.

We can’t help it, we’re competitive. We like to keep score. And our customers like to keep score too. So to keep everyone happy and on their toes, we created a proprietary tracking system, CitronSync. Scanning all assets onsite provides up-to-the-minute reporting to better measure performance and guarantee the highest service standards.

You can count on it. We do.


Service solutions for your business

  • Washroom Hygiene
Washroom Hygiene
Washrooms account for about 5% of building square footage, but about 50% of customer complaints. Make a statement about the professionalism of your facility by committing to a higher standard of washroom hygiene. Your customers, staff, and patrons will thank you.
Menstrual Care Disposal Services

Say goodbye to those metal wall boxes

  • Unique and innovative disposal services
  • Prevent drain blockages and plumbing issues
  • Convenient and discreet solutions
  • Eliminate bloodborne cross-contamination with DIN-approved Actiwipe™
Coinless-vend Menstrual Care Products

It’s the right thing to do

  • Menstrual care products are a necessity
  • Provide users with the products they need
  • Dispenses sanitary napkins and tampons
Air Care Services

Smells clean, is clean

  • Positive customer perception
  • Effective and reliable performance
  • Various options for facilities of all size
  • Low-VOC and VOC-free formulas
  • Multiple scents and fragrance-free options
Hand Care Services

Promotes good hand hygiene

  • Prevent the spread of illness-causing germs
  • Multiple hand sanitizer options
  • Wall-mounted for convenience
  • Reduces waste by delivering the right amount
Urinal Treatment Services

Protect your fixtures and those who use them

  • Control and remove scale buildup
  • Prevents odour caused by bacteria and scaling
  • Protects plumbing systems
  • Ecologo approved pro-biotic based formula
Infant Care Services

Accommodate your smallest guests

  • Hands-free diaper disposal unit reduces cross-contamination and neutralizes odours
  • Convenient solutions for families on the go
  • Helps to maintain a clean, fresh washroom
Washroom Automation

Keep your hands to yourself

  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Dyson hand dryers use 80% less energy
  • AutoFaucet uses 70% less water
  • AutoFlush keeps urinals and toilets continuously fresh
Deep Cleaning Services

Refresh and disinfect

  • Augments your daily janitorial service
  • Chemical-injected power wash of your fixtures and flooring
  • Regularly scheduled service
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