Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting Chemicals.

Let our chemicals do your dirty work

Making sure your facility is clean, hygienic and safe is more important than ever before. Keeping surfaces clean and hygienic can kill bacteria that stops the spread of infection; protecting your employees, patrons and visitors. Whether you’re a hospital, restaurant, hotel or manufacturing plant, Citron Hygiene’s range of commercial cleaning and disinfecting chemicals can help your business stay fresh and hygienic – day in, day out.

  • Cost-effective for your business needs
  • Wall-mounted or portable dilution-systems
  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectants
  • Solx-5 is DIN registered and effective against Poliovirus Type 1 and Canine Parvovirus and likely to kill the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)

Clean up with Citron Hygiene 

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