Hygiene Tips for Your Business: Health and Country Clubs

Summer is the season to spend more time outside. Those with club memberships will find themselves out at the pool or on the golf course more often for the next few months. Both the golf and health club industries are vast, with around 29 million golfers in the United States and 55 million members of health and fitness clubs. Business owners and facilities managers may need to upgrade their restrooms in order to keep up with this increased traffic. Patrons of membership establishments expect a high level of quality as soon as they walk in. With the right products and services, bathrooms can be easily maintained.

Country and health clubs offer several different activities for their customers to enjoy. Besides golfing, they often have swimming pools, lawn games, tennis courts, and restaurants. Anyone can easily spend an entire day there, so restrooms need to be perfectly stocked. Installing no-touch appliances, like auto faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers will encourage members to practice good hygiene while also reducing the chances of a messy appearance and cross-contamination. An auto flush system paired with an inline sanitizer boasts the no-touch benefits while also cleaning the toilet bowl every time it is used. Keeping sanitary disposal units in the women’s room will eliminate contact with waste and prevent odor. This unit also ensures that feminine hygiene products will not clog pipes. These kinds of products are efficient and can decrease time spent using the restroom.

After a long game outside or an early morning gym session before work, customers will want a shower. Providing a hair and body shampoo is the most efficient product for this. One dispenser mounted in each shower replaces multiple products, which makes it easier for your staff to clean the stalls. Many country clubs have restaurants with dress codes, so it is necessary for members to have access to a decent shower before dinner.

Any bathroom or locker room, especially those that offer showers or are located near pools, should consider adding non-slip floor mats to their facilities. An absorbent mat will contain any accidental spills and odors, while protecting floors from uric acid damage. There are about 540,000 slip and fall accidents per year, so these mats are ideal to be kept near wet zones as a preventative measure. They could be the deciding factor between a satisfied client and an injury on your property.

Though adults primarily visit country and health clubs, families commonly frequent them too. According to the National Club Association’s 2009 survey, members said they considered family amenities to be a high priority. Providing family services, like baby-changing tables, child safety seats, and diaper disposal units will increase the quality factor and also help to maintain tidiness.


If the summer crowds have not made their way to your clubs yet, they will soon. Take this time to prepare your facilities and make the season stress-free.

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