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As Canada’s thriving capital city, Ottawa has a heart of culture. Home to numerous national museums, the National Arts Centre and the National Gallery among the city’s abundant research and cultural institutions, Ottawa has a dynamic and highly educated community.

With an array of businesses and facilities servicing the city and its culture, offering outstanding quality of service, including ensuring a hygienic and safe environment, not only provides due care for the health and wellbeing of customers, clients and employees, but offers an opportunity for competitive advantage and is essential in an environment confronted by a global pandemic. Providing excellent hygiene solutions for offices, facilities and operations, can help Ottawa businesses to stand out with first-rate customer or client experiences and through employee care. It is also now, more than ever before, important to make sure Ottawa’s businesses and communities are kept safe, hygienic and to stop the spread of infection.

With dedicated local offices, Citron Hygiene offers expert hygiene services including washroom hygiene services, facility hygiene, and professional disinfection for Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas. By providing these services, among others, we are supporting local businesses across the cities to uphold excellent hygiene and to help them adapt in a world amidst COVID-19. Together, we can help to keep Ottawa’s communities and economy hygienic and safe.

Building Healthy Spaces Across Ottawa and Gatineau

Through Citron Hygiene offices local for Ottawa, Citron Hygiene offers expert hygiene service solutions across the city’s urban and suburban neighbourhoods. With industry-leading solutions including menstrual hygiene disposal services and washroom hygiene services, as well as facility hygiene supplies, and commercial cleaning chemicals, Citron Hygiene is helping Ottawa businesses to maintain hygiene and to run continued operations safely in situations affected by coronavirus.

For more than 45 years now Citron Hygiene has provided quality services and has earned the trust of clients from across the globe. With this experience, our expert knowledge and dedication to delivering excellence, our leading hygiene services are available to Ottawa and Gatineau businesses and helping to support your activities with innovative hygiene solutions and our CitronCare approach.

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