Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations

Where soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer is a suitable alternative that can help keep your staff, guests and visitors protected while reassuring all who and come go that your facility is safe.  When used properly, it plays a critical role in minimizing the spread of germs that cause illnesses such as covid-19 and influenza. To encourage effective and continued use of hand sanitizer, your business needs a permanent solution. The answer? Commercial hand sanitizer stations. 

Promoting Good Hand Hygiene Practices

In 2019, on average 11.9 days were lost per employee in the educational services sector, decreasing slightly to 11.1 days in 2020. While on average 10 days per employee were lost in the retail trade sector in 2019 increasing to 12.4 in 2020. Days off due to sickness can amount to significant negative consequences on the economy in addition to impacting on overall productivity and mental and physical well-being. While some sickness can be unavoidable, implementing simple measures such as installing hand sanitizer stations to promote good hygiene practices can help keep staff, visitors and customers safe and healthy.

Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations to Suit Various Requirements

Without a permanent solution in place, hand sanitizers can be mis-placed and unused. Citron Hygiene’s complete hand sanitizer stations provide a permanent hand hygiene solution for all types of facilities.

Wall-Mounted and Floor Stand Stations

Depending on the station location and your business’ needs, Citron Hygiene supplies dispensers that can be easily wall-mounted or fixed in place onto a floor stand. Having a permanent fixed hand sanitizer station provides a place for your customers and employees to be able to sanitize their hands safely and effectively. Our floor stand option can be moved around as necessary if business requirements change. Ideal for businesses including gyms, hotels, restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities and manufacturing plants, your hand sanitizer stations will be serviced by your local certified hygiene technician on a flexible service schedule to ensure you never run out supplies. All our hand sanitizer dispensers can be stocked with Citron hand sanitizer or Purell hand sanitizer and come with free ‘Please Use Hand Sanitizer’ signs to further promote correct routines.

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Reduce absenteeism in the workplace and show employees, visitors and customers you take hygiene seriously by installing hand sanitizer stations in your business. To find out more or to get a quote, use the form on this page to start a conversation with our hygiene experts or alternatively call us on 800.643.6922 to speak to a member of the team directly.

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