Commercial Air Purifier Service For A Healthier Environment

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  • Range of commercial air sanitizers to choose from for facilities of all sizes
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  • Servicing on a pre-determined schedule
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Air Purifiers For Office Of All Sizes

Removing bad smells from the workplace is one thing but actually treating the air to remove viruses, bacteria, dust and allergens can take air quality to the next level meaning all who come and go can breathe easy. Indoor air is the least regulated by governments for health and safety and the least cleaned by people. Yet, daily, we consume about 4lbs of food, 6.5lbs of water but 40lbs of air! With viruses such as covid-19 and influenza being respiratory illnesses that can spread through the air, it’s especially important now that businesses invest in air purifiers to keep workers, visitors and customers safe. 

Not only can this drastically reduce the risk of infection transmission, but clean air can also have a positive effect on mood leading to a happier, more productive and more engaged workforce. Citron Hygiene offers a number of different units suitable for various workplace environments from garbage rooms to board rooms and kitchens. Once installed, our effective air purifiers work in the background to reduce cross-contamination and prevent the build-up of dust, germs and bacteria and are a great addition to enhance current hygiene measures in your organization.

Servicing on a Pre-Determined Schedule

Citron Hygiene offer hassle-free easy installation of units at a time that suits you with servicing supplied on a pre-determined schedule by our expert hygiene technicians.  It’s time to take air care seriously to protect all who come and go.

Discover Citron’s Commercial Air Purifier Range!

Frequently Asked Questions

Citron Hygiene offers different service frequencies so businesses can select the one that works best for them. Standard service frequencies are weekly, every 14 days, every 28 days, and every 56 days.  Customers with various locations can select different frequencies for each building. Frequencies can be adjusted as needed.

All Citron services are performed by Citron Certified Technicians (CCT’s). To help us ensure service quality and consistency, all technicians go through our rigorous Citron Certified Technician training program before entering the field.

All Citron Certified Technicians have undergone COVID-19 training to ensure the safety of all our customers and employees. In addition,  Citron vehicles and offices are regularly disinfected, and front-line personnel is equipped with the appropriate PPE.

Citron Hygiene has offices in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and North America. Find your local Citron Hygiene service branch here. To see if your business is in our service area, contact us at 800.643.6922.