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  • Cost-effective for your business needs
  • Portable dilution-systems
  • Hospital-Grade disinfectants and cleaning chemicals
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly products
  • SOLX-5 is DIN registered and effective against harmful viruses and likely to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes COVID-19)
  • Suitable for various uses and businesses of all shapes and sizes

Citron’s Range Of Industrial Cleaning Chemical Solutions

 Ensuring you achieve and maintain clean, hygienic, and safe facilities is more important than ever before. Keeping all surfaces and objects in a clean and hygienic state can ensure you are looking after the safety of all your employees and visitors by removing germs and impurities that otherwise may spread illness.

Whichever sector you operate within, Citron Hygiene’s range of commercial cleaning and disinfecting chemical products can help your business stay fresh and hygienic – day in, day out. Daily cleaning is a must in every industry so whether it’s degreaser for your commercial kitchen facilities, bleach for use within your restrooms, or an all-purpose cleaner, Citron Hygiene has all the commercial cleaning products you need to keep your facilities safe.

Purell Surface Disinfectant Spray

It is vital to acknowledge the differences between cleaning and disinfecting in order to understand how to kill any bacteria and germs that can remain upon surfaces and objects for up to 72 hours.

Citron Hygiene’s range of industrial cleaning supplies includes Purell multi-surface sanitizer and disinfectant. This spray is scientifically tested to meet stringent standards which allow it to kill 99.999% of germs on surfaces, including the cold & flu virus. While proven effective upon most hard surfaces you’ll find within your facilities; this disinfectant spray requires no rinsing after being applied to food-contact surfaces.

Glass Cleaning Products

Glass fixtures and fittings within your facilities can prove to be a struggle to maintain and keep clean, with dirt and grime build-up becoming incredibly evident to your visitors.

We have an excellent selection of expertly formulated commercial glass cleaning products, capable of removing finger marks, oils, grease, and general dirt build-up. Usable on all types of glass surfaces, stainless steel and mirrored surfaces, our glass cleaning products become a favourite choice for use within offices, accommodation, reception areas, restrooms, and more.

Commercial Cleaning Products from MonoPod for Restrooms & Full Facility Cover Monopods product range

Cleaning your facilities can often be a tedious yet challenging task when aiming to adhere to such high standards. Citron Hygiene’s range of industrial cleaning supplies features products from the MonoPod range. MonoPod products provide an ultra-concentrated liquid chemical encapsulated in water soluble film, creating a cleaning product that is easier, faster, and safer to use.

Products within this range include the likes of restroom cleaners, surface degreasers, floor cleaners and fragrance defoamers. The MonoPod product range is available in different quantities, providing you with an easy to use, sustainable cleaning solution which requires minimal training to use.

For a limited time only, we have an exclusive offer on our Monopod products. Learn more about this offer that can help your business save money.

Essential Cleaning Products for Your BusinessCitron Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner

Citron Hygiene provides a wide range of many other commercial cleaning products, presenting you with a fantastic choice of solutions in order to maintain your facilities to the highest standards. From all-purpose industrial cleaners that are effective and efficient for those daily cleaning tasks to heavy duty degreasers for those areas and surfaces that require a product that is slightly stronger to remove dirt and grease.  We also have a selection of restroom cleaning solutions that include toilet bowl cleaners and bathroom cleaners to ensure your visitors and employees have the most hygienic restroom experience possible.

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In addition to your daily cleaning schedule, why not consider professional disinfection for your facility too?

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