Citron Hygiene Commercial toilet auto flush

Commercial Toilet Auto Flush

Automated Toilet Flushing System 

  • Prevents malodours by flushing after every use
  • Touch-free activation aids in improved hygiene
  • Smart Object Infrared Technology creates world-class reliability
  • Long battery life – lasts for 3 years
  • Versatile in installation – convert any fixture in minutes without disruption to users
  • Contemporary, stylish finish coordinates with any modern restroom fixture

Water Saving Solution for High Traffic Restrooms

Inadequate restroom hygiene can lead to the growth of harmful pathogens and germs, capable of spreading illness within your workplace. Traditional toilet flush handles have been found to be saturated in the same pathogens often found in the human gut, being a germ hotspot that visitors come into contact with on a regular basis. Since the cleanliness of a business’ restroom also has an impact on the perceived cleanliness of the rest of the business, it’s vital to get it right.

Citron Hygiene’s range of automatic solutions can help to reduce cross-contamination within your organization, minimizing the risk of illness amongst your employees and visitors. Citron’s touch-free Auto Flush system helps to promote good hygiene in your restroom by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination. This commercial toilet flusher will provide the added benefit of preventing malodours by ensuring that fixtures are regularly flushed, creating a more pleasant restroom experience for all who visit.   

Effective Touch-free Commercial Flush Valve 

The Citron Auto Flush system is available for both toilets and urinals, with a contemporary, stylish finish making it a great fit for any modern restroom fixture. Featuring Smart Object Infrared Technology to manage flushing automation for world-class reliability, it can also help to save your business money. Our Auto Flush also offers versatility with its side mount, clamp and tank options; it can easily be fitted onto any fixture in minutes and without disruption to users.

Innovative technology means the battery will last for 3 years or 600,000 flushes through clamp installation, or 100,000 flushes with a sidemount or tank.

Install Citron’s Auto Flush in Your Commercial Restroom 

Traditional restroom appliances are shared and touched by many users each day, unnecessarily spreading germs and illness. Being one of the major restroom hotspots, your toilet flusher is no exception. Ensure your restroom is as safe and hygienic as possible by enquiring about our Auto Flush system and discover how you can utilize touch-free technology to create a safer restroom environment.

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