Citron Hygiene commercial auto faucet washroom automation

Commercial Auto Faucet

Automated Water Saving System

  • Eco-friendly restroom hygiene
  • Touch-free activation
  • Delivers water only when needed
  • Reduces spread of germs
  • Reliable and user-friendly performance
  • Achieve water savings of up to 70%
  • Equipped with Surround Sensor™ Technology
  • A range of contemporary designs and finishes to choose from

Helping Your Business Save Costs & Keep Hygiene Levels High

As one of the most used spaces within a business, inadequate restroom hygiene can lead to the growth of harmful pathogens and germs. The standard restroom has multiple hotspots that attract clusters of bacteria which can easily contaminate our skin upon touching them. The faucet is one of these known hotspots whereby bacteria can gather, and infection can transmit.

To help reduce cross-contamination and the risk of illness in your organization, Citron Hygiene’s range of automatic solutions can help. Citron’s Auto Faucet is just one of these solutions. This commercial grade sink faucet uses touch-free activation to aid in eliminating this cross-contamination within your restroom, helping to reduce the spread of germs and ensuring the safety and protection of your employees and visitors alike. The peace of mind that comes with eliminating an unnecessary touchpoint within your restroom is an added bonus. The eco-friendly design of our commercial Auto Faucet helps your business play its part in conserving our most precious resource; reducing water usage by up to 70%. This in turn helps you to save costs while having a positive impact on the environment. 

Automated Water Saving System for Commercial Sinks

Setting the standard for reliability and user-friendly performance in automated faucet systems, our Auto Faucet solution comes equipped with Surround Sensor™ Technology to ensure that water is only delivered when needed, helping you to save on costs incurred from the unnecessary running of your faucets. Innovative technology means battery life can last for 400,000 cycles or 3 years, with optional AC power also available, while offering a reliable experience thanks to our dry cam-gear technology.

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Traditional restroom faucets are hotspots for germs waiting to create illness within your workplace, while simultaneously using more water than necessary at your expense. Ensure your restroom is as safe, hygienic, and eco-friendly as possible by enquiring about our Auto Faucet system and discover how you can create a safer restroom.

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